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I hate him.

Someone I've loved my entire life hurt me deliberately. I never thought it'd be him that would destroy my heart out of all the guys on this planet, but he did. At one time he was one of my best friends. Where his sister was shy he was more like me, and it made things between us easy. From secret forts made out of chairs and blankets to pretending we were pirates on our parents' yacht, I always thought he'd be the one. We'd grow up and he'd realize how perfect for each other we are. Our pretend weddings still live vibrantly in my mind. Every old notebook has doodles of our names in hearts scribbled on the pages. But then the inevitable happened.

We grew up.

Things didn't turn out the way I thought they would. Another girl caught his eye and suddenly I was just his little sister's best friend. I've been trying hard to get his attention ever since. Makeup. Revealing clothes. Hair always perfect. Hook-ups with guys I care nothing about. None of it works. He walks right past me as if I'm just a body occupying space. And to me, he was everything. Even the current version of him—heartbroken. 

One night over Christmas break everything changed. 

For the good. For the bad. One night of my existence all of my dreams came true. But just like in the fairytale it came to an end. I was left with nothing but a gaping hole in my chest. It changed me. Then graduation came. My plans changed. You know what they say—to get over someone you get under someone else. That's what I intend to do.

College is here. Destination—Miami. South Beach—here I come. A place where the parties never end and there is never a shortage of hot guys. But the thing about fairytales—they tend to end exactly where you started.

November 29
Charisse Spiers Books
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Customer Reviews

Elizabeth Thiele ,

Konnor & Presley <3

This is the book I have been waiting for!!!! Konnor & Presley are two of the most passionate and stubborn characters of Charisse’s that I have read and I loved every single word of their story!!

This book will gut you, will make you ugly cry, will make you laugh and even make you so hot that you’ll need to put the book down to catch your breath for just a few minutes. This is some of Charisse Spiers best writing to date. You will feel everything that these characters are feeling.

Konnor & Presley don’t have an easy story. Konnor is messed up from his past relationship shop and Presley is messed up from loving someone for so long that when things get messy and she gets hurt, that’s when things get real. Presley goes after what and who she wants. She pushes Konnor’s buttons and his limits, but Konnor does the same with Presley. Their connection is so deep and real and there are so many pent up emotions that whenever they are together it is explosive!!! They each go through things that will either break them or build them up. They go through trials with not just their relationship but as individuals too. We meet new characters and see old ones and we even get to delve into the minds of some others besides Konnor & Presley which I think really benefited this book and storyline.

Like I said before this is some of Charisse Spiers best writing and these characters are some of my favorites!!! This book will leave you breathless and anxious for the next one which is what I am feeling right now!!!

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