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Elena must save the very beings who would kill her if given the chance...

There's nothing Fae despise more than the half-breed called Halven, a race of lesser beings produced by the mating of a Fae and a human.

Only now those Halven are looking more useful each day, because a deadly virus unleashed in Faery is killing immortal Fae, and the only person capable of healing them is a Halven living on Earth.

A mere slip of a girl named Elena Rosales descended from a line of Fae known for their powerful magic, and she'll come into her ability soon. An ability that could destroy the virus--if she can master it.

Her only shot at learning to control her magic and creating a cure? Enlisting the help of her brooding, though brilliant, chemist neighbor, Derek, who rivals the Fae in masculine beauty.

But when Elena and Derek get together, more than chemicals spark fire. They soon discover how complicated attraction can get when they find themselves on the other side of the portal, enemies by birthright, and fighting for survival.

"I don't have words to describe how good this book is. It's full of intrigue, emotional tension and love. Let's not forget how well written it is." ~ Reviewer

"...an exciting new fantasy adventure series..." ~ Library Journal

"I need more of this series right now..." ~ Book Briefs

"...an action-packed and intriguing paranormal romance." ~ EscapeNBooks

"Fates Divided is one of the best PNR books I've read so far this year."  ~ Wicked Babes Blog Reviews

"This novel takes you on an adventure of new worlds, uncharted territory, danger, and romance." ~ Books Need TLC

"Outstanding romantic fantasy!!" ~ I Heart Books

“This series wouldn’t have been so addictive if it wasn’t so so gooood.” ~ Reviewer

“This is good from the start to the end… I am ready for it to continue, like yesterday.” ~ Sue D. Reviewer

“Exciting new adventure series with many creative possibilities in the world of Fae meets Humans” ~ SBee Reviews

“Lots of fascinating world-building, really interesting magic, intriguing characters and sweet, passionate romance.” ~ Moon Stars Reviewer

A captivating twist on forbidden love with unique world building, seductive romance, and a deadly noble race for dominance that will make your heart pound. Grab FATES DIVIDED today! 


Fates Altered (Book 0.5) — Alex & Theda

Fates Divided (Book 1) — Derek & Elena

Fates Entwined (Book 2) — Keen & Reese

Fates Fulfilled (Book 3) — Garrin & Lex

*Each Halven Rising book is a standalone romance with an overarching story that connects the series.*

August 31
Fresh Fiction
Fresh Fiction

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