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In this eloquent first-person account of a family drama that changed the face of American business, the man who transformed IBM into the world's largest computer company reflects on his lifelong partnership with his father--and how their management style and shared dedication to excellence united to create a unique corporate culture that became the blueprint for the entire technology boom.

In the course of sixty years Thomas J. Watson Sr. and his son, Thomas J. Watson Jr., together built the international colossus that is IBM. This is their story: a riveting and revealing account of two men who loved each other--and fought each other--with a terrible fierceness.

But along with the story of a father and son, this is IBM's story too. It chronicles the management insights that shaped its course and its unique corporate culture, the style that made Thomas Watson Sr. one of America's most charismatic bosses, and the daring decisions by Thomas Watson Jr. that transformed IBM into the world's largest computing company. One of the greatest business-success stories of all time, Father, Son & Co. is a moving lesson for fathers who dream for their children, as well as a testament to American ingenuity and values, told in a disarmingly frank and eloquent voice.

Promising to remain an important business reference as we move into the next century, FATHER, SON & CO. takes a look at the management insight that helped to shape IBM's course and unique corporate culture.  It looks at Watson, Sr., one of America's most charismatic bosses, and Watson, Jr., who spurred IBM into the computer age.

Ten years after its original publication, FATHER, SON & CO. remains a uniquely honest book. Watson's willingness to write about the loving but ferociously combative relationship he had with his father and the turbulent battles behind some of IBM's most far-reaching decisions gives readers rare insights into the realities of leadership. -->

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nettalk ,

Stellar though

Of course when you write a biography you can explore anything you want. Loved the part about Sr. and the very touching parts of yelling at his dad and his regrets about doing that so often. Thought the part about the IBM/360 is a “must-read” for anyone in business. The part about what he knew about the Cuban Missile crisis was also important for anyone involved with diplomacy. Would have like to know more about Jr.’s son Tom III and why he didn’t work for IBM because he could have much like many of us who wanted to. Didn’t like the vacation and sailing parts which you can keep and the ending of the book was look before he died so would have liked more on the last years of his life as the book ends rather abruptly. All in all a must-read for anyone in business or going to business school about leadership, management, crises, kindness, giving, charity and more.

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