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Survival in the wilderness--Gary Paulsen writes about it so powerfully in his novels Hatchet and The River because he's lived it.  These essays recount his adventures alone and with friends, along the rivers and in the woods of northern Minnesota. There, fishing and hunting are serious business, requiring skill, secrets, and inspiration. Luck, too--not every big one gets away.

This book takes readers through the seasons, from the incredible taste of a spring fish fresh from the smokehouse, to the first sight of the first deer, to the peace of the winter days spent dreaming by the stove in a fishhouse on the ice. In Paulsen's north country, every expedition is a major one, and often hilarious.

Once again Gary Paulsen demonstrates why he is one of America's most beloved writers, for he shows us fishing and hunting as pleasure, as art, as companionship, and as sources of life's deepest lessons.

Young Adult
August 1
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Customer Reviews

Sierra Novelist ,

Father Water, Mother Woods - youthful boyhood adventure

This is a book about childhood adventure as a boy, amidst growing up in poverty. Paulsen artfully shows the bantering and joy of growning up not realizing you are poor because life was such an adventure hunting and fishing with friends. if you love fishing, the midwest, or a free spirited adventure about childhood, having a club of kids to hang out with...this book has them all. This book also has a lot of prophanity as it shows boys on thier own, left to thier own desitiny while growing up. My wife and I enjoyed reading a chapter of this book each night together as we layed in bed during our first year of marriage. It brought back many memories of adventure in my own childhood that I had forgotton and pulling the book out occasionally to read another chapter was a true treat for both of us.

Me2698 ,

Soul reading

Took me back. I think this shaped me more than I remember.

Bryce10 ,

Father water mother woods

Best book

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