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Favourite Hello. Hardest Goodbye


I feel him.

Before I even lay eyes on him, I sense him.

The air in the room seems charged, my awareness of him heightened, but he is a stranger to me.

Unfamiliar, yet familiar.

Unknown, yet known.

And something inside me says, "Hello, I've been waiting for you."


I see him.

I've seen him a hundred times before and I know this will not be the last, but each time I do, I feel it.

That invisible tether.

I remember everything.

I remember him.

His eyes lock with mine and then move away too quickly.

I am nothing more than a stranger, another face in the crowd.

While he is my favourite hello, and my hardest goodbye.

Fiction & Literature
April 17
E.S. Carter
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RiqueNFL ,

True romance...

I like romantic stories, but I’m more of a real-life guy, seldom believing in “everlasting” anything. As this story began, my inherent skepticism began to question what I had bought... Yet, I guess I wanted to believe this magical eternal love enough to suspend my skepticism. I know enough about stories to know all cannot be perfect, there must be challenges. After Macs scares Ellis and is rushed to the hospital, I guessed this would have a bittersweet ending... skepticism suspended, I followed the trail to the end, buying every ounce of love the story’s premise had to offer... These eternal characters will haunt my thoughts for many, many days... if not longer. Thank you for a true romance.

Ladydi232 ,

Beautiful, epic love story

I adore this original and romantic story of a love that transcends.
Macsen has spent a lifetime searching for one thing, one person and when he arrives in the seaside village of Lily Bay he knows deep down that he has found it.

“When I open my eyes, they meet the smooth depths of his.
“Tell me what you feel.” A plea.

Macs is willing to risk everything but he needs to make sure he doesn’t scare Ellis away with their powerful truth.

“I want to consume you.”
“Then do it.”
“I want to own you.”
“Do it.”
“Will it ever be enough? I want you so bad it hurts, Macs. How can that be right?”
“Because that’s how you know it’s real, Ell.”

FHHG is a beautiful, epic love story. Plenty of heat and swoon, but definitely be prepared with a box of tissues.
-5 Stars!!-

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