Fear of Gambling Addiction Recovery

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Help for Women Addicted Gamblers to Understand the Battle of Overcoming Problem Gambling

Are you tired of letting yourself down?

If you've had enough of the roller coaster ride and want to take back control of your life now, then keep reading.

Do you want to be free from your self-destructive behavior?  Do you want to live without the stress, guilt, and shame?  Are you tired of constantly breaking promises to yourself (and others)?

If so, Holly Anne Ellison's Fear of Gambling Addiction Recovery could provide the perspective you've been looking for to finally overcome your compulsive behavior so you can stop letting yourself down and take back control of your life. 

Imagine how you would feel if you could finally be free without the constant stress and guilt associated with your gambling addiction.  Imagine what you could achieve with that newfound freedom and the money you will save.  Imagine how it would feel to wake up every day, after a good night's sleep, knowing that you aren't going to let yourself down again and blow all your money on NOTHING.

Holly Anne Ellison is a recovered gambling addict. After spending decades wasting both time and money as an addicted slots player, she is sharing the knowledge that enabled her to identify why her previous recovery attempts failed and the concept she discovered that finally was the game changer in her own recovery.  In her short book Fear of Gambling Addiction Recovery, she will introduce you to concepts and ideas that may provide you with the understanding and motivation to make the conscious decision to get a grip on your gambling habit once and for all.

In Fear of Gambling Addiction Recovery, you will discover:
Why you are stuck in the never-end gambling cycleIdeas to tackle the problem from a different perspectiveThe 3 ways you will stop gamblingWhat recovery could look like for youAnd so much more
Although primarily meant for women, the information contained within will be helpful to anybody who's struggling to overcome a gambling addiction, even if you've tried and relapsed before.

If it's FINALLY time to end YOUR gambling addiction story, then get your copy today.

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August 3
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