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Get the first three books in the Fear University series, plus a brand-new 70-page novella! Fall into a world where fear is the currency and the price is your life.

In an Alaskan prison safe behind towering walls and watchtowers, you will find a very different sort of college. The students are taught the art of killing monsters. The professors spin harrowing tales of a secret war. Guards walk the fence with guns and throat guards.

And at night, the dorm cells slam shut and remain locked until morning.

Because at Fear University, night time is the most dangerous time of all. The darkness has teeth, and it loves it when you tremble.

I’ve always known I was a monster, and I don’t mean some teenage vampire s**t either.

I can’t feel pain. My disease makes me uniquely qualified to hunt and kill aswangs for Fear University. I could be the best monster hunter the university has ever seen. But sometimes, the real monsters aren’t the ones slinking through the darkness with fangs and claws. Sometimes, the true monsters flash pretty smiles and speak prettier words.

I will learn that lesson. I will pay that price.

Fear University is my home. These students, professors, and hunters are my family. Everyone is terrified of the aswangs, but they’re wrong. I’m the most dangerous creature stalking the night.

And if you hurt my home or my family, you should be very, very afraid.

This bundle contains:
Fear University (Book 1)
The Killing Season (Book 2)
Monster Mine (Book 3)
Tick Tock Massacre (a stand-alone novella)

More books in the Fear University series:
Paper Tigers (Book 4)
Dead Man’s Stitch (Book 5) Coming Soon!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 6
Meg Collett
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Customer Reviews

Max/ryder ,

Fear University Books 1-3 + Novella

Thoroughly enjoyed these stories. Very graphic but kept up the interest factor. Well thought out and face paced. Characters easy to get to know and relate to.

Jasmime602 ,


I absolutely loved this series! It’s such a great series I would definitely recommend this series to other people!

GrandValient ,

Unlikely Yet Compelling

Book 1: Unlikely beasts, unlikely victim, unlikely school, unlikely friends. Book 2: Unlikely love, unlikely castle location, unlikely murder mystery. Book 3: Unlikely monsters, unlikely leader, unlikely heroin. Novella: Though hinted at in all the novels this story was in itself strangely as compelling. The whole series peopled with vivid characters & dramatic fight scenes as well as human strength, heart & soul

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