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After the disappearance of his fiancée, high profile defense attorney Brighton Clay works himself to exhaustion.  One Friday evening, Brighton decides to drop into a pub on the outskirts of New York City. The decision will change his life forever.

Harmony Blake hops on to a stool at the pub and the two strike up a conversation. Before long, they are at a seedy motel burying their troubles in each other.

The following morning, Brighton is nursing his hang over and, while listening to the news, he discovers Harmony has been found brutally murdered. The police have one suspect: the man with whom she was seen leaving the pub.

Jason Campbell and Brighton have been friends since law school. Saturday morning when he receives a panicked call from Brighton telling him he needs a lawyer, Jason cannot get to him fast enough.

Against his better judgment, Brighton agrees with Jason not to go to the police. After aqnother body is discovered under similar circumstances, Jason insists once more that Brighton keep quiet. When Jason comes across evidence in Brighton’s possession, they know they have to go to the police before they come to him.

Cecelia Demure has a perfect body and likes to show it off in a New York City bikini club. One evening, Cecelia makes her way to the corner of the stage where a group of impeccably dressed men sit intently watching the women dancing before them. One man avoids the dancer’s interested gaze. Intrigued, Cecelia moves to stand in front of him until he has no choice but to make eye contact with her. Knowing the last two women he talked to wound up in a morgue, Brighton decides his only option is to run. The only problem - Cecelia follows.

Feat of Clay is a mystery novel that will keep you guessing. Is Brighton a killer or is he being framed? If you like sexy leading men, kick butt female characters, mystery and intrigue, then you will love Feat of Clay. Buy Feat of Clay and solve a mystery.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 17
Mary-ellen DeLeon
Draft2Digital, LLC

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