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Federal Fumbles: Ways the Federal Government Dropped the Ball Vol. 4  2019 includes some pretty significant changes to the book this year. Since the first edition in 2015, Federal Fumbles has focused on government waste, which has generally meant a waste of your tax dollars. This year, Federal Fumbles takes a different approach to “waste.”  The focus is not only on waste of your tax dollars but also on waste in good government policy that prevents the federal government from working for you—or more recently, from working at all due to the longest government shutdown in American history.

Our national debt continues to increase and our budget process remains broken. We have officially reached a staggering $22 trillion in national debt. Even with a booming economy, Congress cannot seem to curb annual deficits or fund our government on time. Highlighting issues in previous Fumbles volumes (“Doggy Hamlet,” anyone?) only goes so far. This year Federal Fumbles highlights substantial reforms to government programs that not only save tax dollars but provide more transparent and efficient programs for you and your family. We need relief from our national debt and clarity in other complex issues currently facing our nation, but we also need to promote big ideas for big solutions for big reform.

Too often, complicated issues like our federal budget process and immigration are clouded with misinformation, convoluted figures, and partisan angles. This year’s edition of Fumbles works to break those big issues down for you. Every issue highlighted in this book comes with a solution. In order to fix many of government’s fumbles, we must be transparent and real about facts instead of driving home a political agenda. These are exceptionally difficult times in government. Let’s use Fumbles to help resolve some of the most pressing and costly problems facing our country while protecting your tax dollars.

The goal for this book is to make it a resource for taxpayers and the entire federal government. Congress, federal agencies, and the White House should all take a look at the content covered in this book and the solutions presented.  Washington works for the American people and must be held accountable by the American people. Fumbles outlines a set of ideas about ways we can work together to make that happen.

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March 8
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