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FEDERATION - political, near-future science fiction for the reader who enjoys imagining how the world would react to alien contact.

Author's note: Firstly, the story is not related to Star Trek. Secondly, a strange and unexpected phenomenon - science fiction readers are usually open-minded individuals, but some seem to have trouble understanding that this is a story - fiction. In some reviews, FEDERATION has been castigated by narrow-minded individuals who think it is some sort of socialist or communist manifesto. That would be like accusing George Orwell of promoting totalitarianism because he wrote 1984! This is a work of speculative fiction and if you are open-minded, you will love it for being what it is - a science fiction trilogy, not a political treatise.

FEDERATION takes close encounters to a whole new level. A galactic empire of a quarter of a million worlds stumbles across the Earth. When they ask, "Take me to your leader", the world is thrown into panic. We have no world leader, only many who might like to be. With elements of a political thriller, there is an intriguing storyline which addresses the environmental and myriad social problems faced by the world today.

The aliens' philosophy on life is totally unexpected. With the help of intelligent automatons, they've turned what many on Earth believe to be a reviled political system into a utopia for the masses, but are they a force for good or evil, and will the wealthy make the compromises needed for a successful outcome?

The story is told by a Daragnen university graduate, Yol Rummy Blin Breganin. He discovers that Earth failed in its attempt to join the Federation, and, for some unknown reason, members are forever banned from visiting or contacting the planet. Rummy had never heard of a whole world being outlawed. Perhaps it would be sensible to leave well enough alone but no, he decides to investigate…

FEDERATION is the first in a trilogy of near-future, hard (almost) science-fiction novels by Tony Harmsworth, the First Contact specialist.

Submerge yourself in humankind's cultural and economic dilemma. Get FEDERATION today. FEDERATION & EARTH is also available and HIDDEN FEDERATION. All three books are also available as audiobooks.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 16
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

FantasyDawg ,


This book seems very familiar in terms of what an actual human/alien experience would be like. Very enjoyable, with lots of plot twists and the author does an excellent job of describing characters and other aspects of the story! Thank you!

Oldfogie63 ,


Yes, was extremely imaginative and an easy read! Thank you for sharing!

dwack82 ,

Could have been interesting but ranting author spoiled it

Writing quality was ok. Choice of view point made everything less Interesting because instead of a story really developing it was a historical account view point. This led to little true connection with the characters.

The simplification of the pros and cons of earth and humanity was elementary and author espouses a very liberal and naive personal agenda. I appreciate the turning around of the general space narrative of human empires and human heroes. But the author acts as if humanity is all good except for a few greedy people at the top. I read the whole book but I won’t read anymore, I can’t get past the immaturity of the authors simplistic world view which permeated every paragraph. the author is simply using the ‘outside observer’ of the aliens to rant about the authors problems with modern society. I don’t have an issue with a character having views, morals, agendas, opinions (that’s what makes the 3 dimensional) or an author using their writing to have an impact or open eyes to their personal views on a topic, this just felt like a brow beating rant directly from the author (the whole time).

The worst part is that the answer to the authors woes is an outside alien savior whose technological abilities allow for world peace, low work, and free health care, etc. at no cost. Then after listening to all the ranting even if we find ourselves in this supremely unlikely position of salvation the author still says we are just too greedy and selfish to be worth saving.

There is probably a large enough niche of 20-35 yr old sci-fi reading liberal millennials for this series to make some money. Hopefully the rest of the series improves but I’m not spending my money to find out. I recommend the author get out into the world more - travel - start an actual business (as businessmen seem to nothing but greedy crooks maybe try to walk a mile in our shoes). Maybe put some thought into how humanity can save itself and write about that (just in case the aliens don’t show up).

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