Feels Like Forever Feels Like Forever
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Book 2 in the Feels Like Romance series.

When your heart's been broken, no strings attached sounds like a pretty good deal.

Miranda is a musical theatre has-been.  She’s been waiting tables ever since a bout with laryngitis stopped her career in her tracks.  She hopes that a fresh start in a different place will be what she needs to move on with her life.  She’s been trapped in a lukewarm long-term relationship for many years and now that she’s got out, she has no desire to go back.  No way.  She just wants some fun with no strings attached.

Jake is a photographer who is sick of making whiny kids and stressed out parents smile for the camera.  He wants to make art but he hasn’t been able to since his heart was trampled by his fiancee deciding to leave him two weeks before their wedding.  Jake’s been burned by love before and he has no intention of having it happen again.

When Miranda and Jake meet, sparks fly but neither of them wants anything but a good time.  But when difficulties pop up that drive them apart, they discover that maybe they both want something more.

Please note: This is a short, contemporary romance, stand-alone novella for adults 18 and over.  In this novella, just like in life, sometimes things get a little hot and steamy, if you don't like that, then you might want to try a different story.  And don’t worry, we hate cliffhangers as much as you do - this novella is guaranteed to come to a satisfying HEA conclusion.

approximately 28 000 words

80+ pages

An Excerpt from Feels Like Forever

 “It’s nothing, Miranda.”

“Of course, Jake, and we’re nothing too.  I’m not worried about your ex.  No strings, remember?”

I watched her finish the toast in two bites.

“I have to go anyway."

She was wearing a pair of my shorts and an old T-shirt of mine, and she looked absolutely gorgeous.  I followed her to the bedroom and watched her put on the black dress again.  She had nothing else to wear.

“I’ll drive you home.”

“It’s okay.  I’ll grab a cab.  It’s fine.”

In silence, I sat on the arm of the couch as she called a cab.

“Well, I better go wait down there.  Thanks, Jake.  I had a wonderful time,” she said, turning away from me to put on her coat.

I didn’t know what to say to reassure her, to calm whatever flurry of fear was storming inside of her.  But I had to try.

She was turning the handle to go out when I came up behind her and pushed the door shut.  She turned around, fidgeting with her mittens, not wanting to meet my eye.

I put my finger under her chin and tilted her head up.

“We are not nothing,” I said.  Then I kissed her with all the passion she stirred in me.  I put everything into that kiss — the longing, the desire for her body, and also the yearning for something more than just the physical bond we already shared.

She kissed me back with just as much fire, but with a touch of desperation — like it might be the last time.

She pulled back then, her eyes searching mine.  In a heartbeat, she was gone.

May 26
Roberta Ann Roque
Draft2Digital, LLC

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