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Tasha Web is freshly out of high school and her only goal is to become the next baddest and richest thing popping in Miami. Being that she was the only child and always got her way, she felt like her life beyond school couldn't be anything less than that. She was determined to come up even if that meant it was time to fall in love and reap the benefits of a dope boy. 

She ventured off and began dancing at one of the biggest strip clubs in Miami where she met, Dynasty, an older more experienced dancer whom she lowkey admired. Tasha often times seen Dynasty and her boyfriend interact and realized he was her meal ticket. When Dynasty invites Tasha on a trip she reveals her boyfriend, KP, will be funding it - making Tasha a bit anxious to join the two. She seen this as an opportunity.

Tasha realizes Dynasty is living the life she wants and the admiration quickly turns into jealousy followed by entitlement. Because of this Tasha begins plotting to take that position with the help of both Dynasty and KP. With this comes a lifestyle that Tasha was nowhere near ready for.

Dynasty unknowingly teaches Tasha all the steps needed to not only take the Thug she loves but to gain his trust and be apart of his team. Thing is Tasha never prepared herself for the savage she was about to turn KP nor Dynasty into. She did not see the world of deception, disloyalty, or dishonor that lied ahead.

Will Tasha fold under pressure or will she pick up the pieces Dynasty dropped to become KPs First Lady of Miami?

Fiction & Literature
June 17
Shan Presents
Draft2Digital, LLC

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