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Most people think that Feng Shui is a profound learning and very esoteric. The reason of having this perspective is mainly due to the absence of a progressive approach to the teaching of Feng Shui system. Not like learning mathematics, you must start with Algebra and then Geometry to pure Mathematics. Feng Shui learning has no such standard starting point and has a lot of proprietary terminology like Ba Gua (eight trigrams) not readily understood by an average person. Elementary books of Feng Shui are not easily found and no sequence to follow.

In fact, the study of Feng Shui is not that difficult. It is quite easy to pick up and  learn. The difficulty is how to accurately and flexibly use of Feng Shui techniques. The purpose of this book is to let the beginners having a Quick Start method. They can understand Feng Shui by practicing in their home and office.

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May 5
Eddy Wong
Eddy Wong

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Great Info in a Free Read

A valuable book for beginners seeking deeper understanding of Feng Shui - given the cost in both dollars (none) and time (very little) involved. It touched lightly on aspects of Feng Shui I had never heard of before. This lead me to research the new topics elsewhere and ultimately to a broader understanding, expanded curiosity and heightened respect for this ancient science and practice.

Though the book is very well intentioned and obviously written with great care, the author also happens to struggle with proper English. And I knew this going in (after reading the sample), but never shy away from an ESL read since I've found that when I try as hard to understand someone as they are trying to be understood, the message almost always comes through. But sadly, there were a couple of points in this book where the language barrier took its toll and I walked away totally unsure whether I was just instructed to make a left turn or to turn around (so to speak). My only other critique is that the book seemed to end somewhat abruptly, although it did have a final conclusion page.

Oh, and there's a companion app mentioned in the book which I found very useful. I think it was $.99 or $1.99, but worth it either way. And although it was handy, you definitely don't need the app to get through the book.

All in all, this is totally worth reading if the subject interests you and you don't mind rereading a few lines here and there.

Thanks and Praise to the Author for the wisdom gifted to us in this free publication!

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