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I never wanted a mate.

Until I was put in chains.

Strapped down.

And claimed. 

I always believed I could analyze any situation until I found a solution. Solve any problem if I just applied my brain. 

I went to university, studied science and told myself my academic cocoon would protect me from the alphas dominating our society. 

I was wrong. 

No textbook prepared me for my meeting with test subject 351.

The biggest, scariest alpha on death row, hauled into my lab to uncover how to control the beast of a man. How to make him submit.

Mold him into a weapon.

But there is no controlling the feral alpha, and no logic strong enough to save my mind once he unleashes his fury on my body.

Once he claims me. 

Obsession is the first book in Nora Ash’s second suspense-filled Omegaverse serial, Feral. 

Please note: This series gets dark, and it gets dirty. If you don’t enjoy your romance scorching and your alpha males rough & dominant, give this book a pass.

For fans of Anna Zaires’ The Krinar Captive, Addison Cain's Born to be Bound and dark, sexy alpha males comes a suspenseful capture fantasy, complete with rough dominance and total submission.

The serial contains a/b/o elements, mating bonds, heats and everything else that goes into a spicy Omegaverse.

Eventual HEA guaranteed. (But it's a serial, so expect cliffhangers until the series is complete!)

April 20
Little Huldra Media
Little Huldra Media

Customer Reviews

Orange Mayhem ,


This is a quick read, most of her series are short bursts. It will leave you on a cliffhanger, but it does a good job of giving you a captivating sotry that has you holding your breath and wondering what on earth is coming next.

Tx OTA ,


This was the first book I’ve ever read by Nora Ash and I’m addicted. This book is hot hot hot. The dominance, the setting, the circumstances all add up to the perfect storm. I’ve re-read this series FIVE times since owning it. Can’t wait for the third to release in August!

jlswainsboro ,


Title: Obsession
Series: Feral
Author: Nora Ash
Designation: Book 1 of Serial, Short Novella(Approximately 100 pages), Not a Standalone, Cliffhanger Ahead #omegaversefiction
Oh my! Here we go again! Okay, I'll be the first to admit that Omegaverse Fiction is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, and no one does it better than Nora Ash! Without a doubt, Ash pens the most deliciously naughty Omegaverse Fiction EVER and her latest sinfully sexy release Obsession, the first installment in her brand spanking new Feral serial, is no exception. Ash grabbed me in the first chapter and kept me on the edge of my seat with a death-grip on my ereader while my heart fluttered wildly in my chest! Heavens to Betsy, by the time I got to the last page, I was sweating bullets and struggling for my next breath. You better believe I rushed back to see if the preorder was up for the second book, Despair, and thank goodness it was! Needless to say, I one-clicked like a crazy woman! No one writes dark, erotic Omegaverse romance quite like Nora Ash, and Ash doesn't disappoint in Obsession! But be forewarned, Omegaverse Fiction is not for the meek of heart! For folks unfamiliar with the term, Omegaverse is a subgenre of fan fiction in which canine-type characteristics are given to human characters, including alpha/beta/omega designations, strong themes of dominance, submission, possession, and usually contains knotting, marking, & biting during sex. Typically, it also includes the strong use of 'soul mates' with the concept of sex or mating as a biological imperative for both males and females. It varies greatly with each author, but I've always found Ash's work in this particular fandom to be fascinating as well as titillating. I guess you can tell I really like Ash's work; now let me tell you why!

Obsession is a dark, gritty, imaginative, riveting, seductive, fast-paced, well-crafted, easy-to-follow erotic romance with strong Omegaverse elements. The narrative is beautifully written with a first-person perspective from the female protagonist, bioanalyst research scientist Lillian Dorne. The dialogue is smart, snappy, gritty, well-executed, and flows effortlessly. But the piece de resistance of every Ash story is her cast of always unique and intriguing characters. One of the things I love most about Ash's writing is her ability to create harsh, gruff, growly, possessive, and unapologetically bad to the bone heroes/antiheroes, blessed (or cursed, depending on your perception) with an overabundance of attitude, testosterone, and alpha pheromones, yet still somehow make them sexy, engaging, irresistible, and endearing. Ash's Omegaverse stories are very much character driven, as is most Omegaverse Fiction, meaning the characters are the primary component or what I like to call 'the driving force' of the story. And folks, this may be erotic romance that curls your toes, but it's not fluff. Ash always balances her steamy storylines with lots of danger, drama, angst, suspense, conflict, and enough plot twists to keep you guessing. But at the heart of every single book, you'll always find a heartwarming love story, which brings me to the lovely, hardworking research bioanalyst Lillian Dorne and a former Navy Seal now known only as Test Subject 351. I was immediately drawn into the story by these two characters. It's often difficult to get a good grasp on a story after only one installment, but there's enough for me to know there's a very special connection between the kindhearted Lillian and imprisoned feral test subject alpha. The intelligent, ambitious, but somewhat naive Lillian had no idea what she was getting into when she accepted a job working for her mentor and idol, Dr. Simon Axell, as a bioanalyst on a government-sanctioned biodefense project. Dr. Axell was an alpha himself, but he was also a respected, world-renowned scientist who'd conquered his primitive urges for the good of mankind - or so she thought. Unfortunately, Lillian was soon to receive a rude awakening about the not so good Dr. Axell and SilverCorp. Sigh... I just love when an unlikely heroine finds her courage and decides to champion the long-suffering hero or antihero as the case may be. We don't really know yet, but hopefully we'll find out more about test subject 351 in the next book. Will Lillian be able to save alpha test subject 351 and expose the truth of the heartbreaking atrocities perpetrated by the immoral Dr. Axell and SilverCorps? Or will her selfless act of conscience cost her everything? I guess we'll have to wait and see! Oh my! I can hardly wait for Book 2: Despair!

Did I like this book? No, I LOVED it! Would I recommend it? You bet, and I am but only for adult readers. It does include violence and explicit sex, some with dubious consent. If you've never read Omegaverse fan fiction, don't knock it till you've tried it! If you enjoy paranormal/fantasy/science fiction romance with elements of BDSM, you'll probably love this story, but these Alphas are not shifters, they're human with an overabundance of testosterone and alpha pheromones. And be forewarned, it's dark, dirty, and hot, hot, hot! I definitely advise against reading in polite company! It might be a little uncomfortable. Lol... Will I read this author again? OMG! Yes! And finally, was I entertained? Completely! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

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