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He sacrificed everything for me.

The beast who took me against my will and tied my soul to his so tightly I can no longer breathe without him.

He sacrificed his freedom. His life.

For me.

They say love will make you do anything, give anything.

But what’s between him and I - it isn’t love. It’s a bond.

And my destruction.

Torment is the third book in Nora Ash’s suspense-filled Omegaverse serial, Feral. 

Please note: This series gets dark, and it gets dirty. If you don’t enjoy your romance scorching and your alphas rough & dominant, give this book a pass.

August 22
Little Huldra Media
Little Huldra Media

Customer Reviews

AnnieBGood2525 ,

A little less eroticism but more in-depth story

I voluntarily read this ARC novella in exchange for an honest review.

I definitely liked the fact that this was longer than the 1st two installments but in doing so, I felt it lost some of its eroticism. Perhaps since the h and H were trapped together in the 1st two, of course there were more opportunities for the brutal sexuality that took place and the struggle within the heroine to make sense of her feelings for her alpha. However, in a sense because that struggle and tension between Lillian and her Alpha were now gone and exchanged for more of a suspense aspect of the plot where other characters were introduced, it detracted from their love story a bit, but in a minor way.

*Spoilers ahead*

I think I hoped that Barnes would recover more of himself and not be so permanently damaged that the characters could fully reconnect on more equal footing rather than her try to calm him and try to help him return to his less feral self. Also, that Lillian still had to be assured that the man she fell in love with *wasn't* a "bad man" still rankled -- she still felt the mating bond was more instinctual and real and it had to take a secondary character to tell her that what she was feeling wasn't just about the mark. I also found it a bit odd that Lillian bit Barnes towards the end of the novella and he wasn't turned on by it. Perhaps it's because he didn't fully understand what was going on with her quite yet due to the damage done by SilverCorp.

The hottest scene for me in the book was the final scene where she's attempting to fix her nest and the sexual aggression in him is rolling off in waves. :)) There's that darkly sexual element I wished there was a bit more of... but at the same time I did appreciate the depth of the story, the sacrifices made, the clear loyalty and love Barnes' brothers had for him, and the potential of a new chapter.

aries_sword ,


FERAL-TORMENT - A FIERY PASSIONATE BOND THAT IS POWERFUL & UNCONDITIONAL. Once I began reading I didn't stop until I learned the conclusion of this deeply emotional story. Inside; camaraderie, humor, horrific danger, life-threatening issues, moments that tug your heart, dynamic vivid scene descriptions, Lillian learns Zach's untold secret, sensuous romance, and a most deserved happily ever after.

Lillian has escaped the villainous lab leaving behind Zach (aka #351) her alpha mate. Zach sent her to one of his friends for help. Being away from her mate causes excruciating pain and misery. Lillian is smart, resourceful and determined to free her mate for good. To get to their happy ending requires dangerous challenges and a bit of luck.

ENTHRALLING well-written page-turner. I felt empathy, sorrow, and happiness for the characters. Lillian is fearless, and Zach is definitely a worthy mate. True devotion shines in this story; loved Zach and Lillian together. The author does a fantastic job with the retribution scenes and the epilogue is phenomenal. Relishing this read {of my own volition without any stipulations, I reviewed an advanced copy.} Without any hesitation, I recommend this read.

DMCechak ,

The Torment is Real

Nora Ash, again, brilliantly weaves the agonizing struggle that Lillian and Zach continue to suffer, as his emotions break through.

Included in this, the third book in the Feral series, are new alphas. Ones who knew Zach, before. Ones who will put their lives at stake for their brother and his mate.

This is a deep, dark, erotic romance that is absolutely feral. It is so very worth experiencing.

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