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Roxanne Sweet presents three hot erotic breeding short stories. Originally priced at $2.99 each, they are now available for $3.99, or 66% off the initial price!

1. Bred By His Best Friend

My life is nearly perfect. I have everything I've ever wanted: a great job, a husband who loves me. The only thing that's missing is a baby. My husband is completely infertile, and I want a child so bad! When yet another friend announces she's pregnant, I break down crying. Then my man's hot best friend makes me an offer. He'll get me pregnant, but on one condition - he wants to do my husband, too!

WARNING: This 6000+ word story contains mature subject matter, including shower foreplay, oral sex and fingering, and unprotected sex between a curvaceous BBW, her sexy but infertile husband, and a very hot European man!

2. The Bound Bride

It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. I was marrying the man of my dreams, and nothing could have brought me down. Then I got in the limo to go to the reception, and it pulled away before my new husband could get in. I asked the driver over and over what he was doing. He rolled down the window, and I saw it was my ex. He said he knew I still loved him, and he was going to prove it. He drove me out into the forest, until there was nowhere for me to run...

WARNING: This 6500+ word short story contains graphic content, including bondage, rough oral sex, and the impregnation of a hot but reluctant BBW bride.

3. Bred After The Break-Up

Laszlo and I had been dating for six month, almost seven, and it was time for us to break up. It wasn't the fact that he was black and I was white. There were just some things about him that weren't so great. He was possessive. Controlling. Sometimes he even got violent. So I decided to break up with him. He wasn't too happy about that. Before he would let me go, he wanted to leave me with something to always remember him by - whether I wanted it or not.

WARNING: This 5000+ word short story contains explicit content, including fingering, oral sex, and breeding between a handsome black man and his reluctant ex-girlfriend.

Fiction & Literature
November 20
Roxanne Sweet
Draft2Digital, LLC

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