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Meet The Pan of Hamgee: coward, unwilling adventurer and, by some miracle, K’Barth’s longest surviving outlaw. He just wants a quiet life so working as getaway driver is probably a bad career move. Then he falls in love at first sight with a woman he hasn't even met who comes from an alternative reality. That’s when things really begin to get complicated.

Meet Ruth Cochrane: she’s the Chosen One, destined to play a pivotal role in saving K’Barth from a cruel dictator. She’s never heard of K’Barth, though. She’s a public relations executive from London and she’s totally unaware of the chaos about to hit her life.

Meet Lord Vernon: power hungry psychopath on the brink of world domination. He wants to cement his hold on K'Barth by kidnapping the Chosen One and forcing her to marry him. Only one person is standing in his way: someone who doesn’t even realise it, The Pan of Hamgee. For The Pan, and Ruth, that’s a deadly problem.

Written in British English with some light swearing: Suggested cinema rating, PG: first novel in a completed comedy/humour/humor science fiction/fantasy series of 4 books

Runner up in 2011 Wishing Shelf Awards
Awarded Awesome Indies Seal of Approval
Awarded IndiePENdents seal of approval.


Q – So, tell us about the K’Barthan Series. What made you write it?

A – To be honest, I couldn’t help myself. I think the best science fiction and fantasy novels are the funny ones. However, they were quite rare when I started out. I’m into Adams and Pratchett and that whole rich vein of madcap British humorous sci fi and/or fantasy. But I also like that sneaky thing with comedy, where you can be much more serious and hard hitting. Pratchett and Adams do that especially well but many humorous books are deep. That said this is soft sci-fi! Definitely more Galaxy Quest than Asimov. 1960s TV sci-fi is a big influence; StarTrek, the Avengers etc because I love that, and some clean romance, yep I love that too, and eventually, the K’Barthan Series appeared. It’s a complete indulgence. I didn’t check what sells, identify a market or do anything sensible, I wrote it entirely for me thinking that if I like it, maybe someone else will.

That anyone did amazes me. Readers of the series were as keen to see what happened next as I was which was a great excuse to write more. The first book is usually on a bestseller list in some category on some ebook vendor, somewhere.

Q – What makes the K’Barthan Series special?

A – It is pretty out there. Several reviews call it ‘unique’. Also, it’s funny if you like that kind of thing, which has to be a plus. There’s lots of adventure and action but at the same time, it’s character driven and people seem to like the flaws in the characters. I was keen to avoid any stereotypes so The Pan of Hamgee is a reluctant hero, possibly even an anti-hero in that he’s a coward instead of brave. A lot of teenage boys like the books because of him – although he has many fans among the girls, too. In Ruth I wanted to create a strong female protagonist who could kick some serious bottom but who normal females could identify with! For all her courage she’s very ‘girl next door’. She comes into her own as the series progresses. To start with she’s a bit more of a hero than The Pan, although I think he catches her up as the books unfold.

Q – Should the K’Barthan Series be read in order?

A – Yes. The character development – and some of the technology – will make the most sense if it is.

Q – What will readers enjoy most about The K'Barthan Series?

A – Hopefully, the same stuff I do: the laughs, the romance – there is a smattering but it’s all clean – the fast pace and the action – especially the flying car chases – and I hope they will like its deeper side.

Q – Do you have a target reader?

A – Officially it’s young adults and teenagers. However, it seems to have a wider appeal. The oldest fan of the series I know about is in his 90s and the youngest is 10.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 17
M T McGuire
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Customer Reviews

susu707 ,

First Book in Series

I am giving this book a 4 star rating. This is the first episode in a series and is not a standalone book as it ends in a cliffhanger. It took me a few chapters to get caught up in this book and new world but I'm glad I stuck with it.

This book revolves around a character called The Pan of Hamgee. And yes, he even calls himself The Pan. He lives on K'Barth which is a parallel Earth but with a different version of reality.

The Pan has been on his own and on the run since he was 16. Due to an unfortunate incident with a police sergeant, which happened entirely by accident, he has been blacklisted and on the run. One thing he is good at is getting away, both on foot and in a snurd (type of car). To survive he ends up being the getaway driver for a group of bank robbers.

Can The Pan and the few allies he has stop Lord Vernon (who was the Police Sergeant who blacklisted him way back when) and his evil plans? I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

mej1190 ,

A fun, exciting, multi dimensional sci-fi love story

A really fun yet thought provoking story about a multi dimensional universe, a definitely recommended story for those who like to imagine the possibilities between dimensions

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