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“Arizona has a canyon, it is wide and very deep… Miles of colored layered rock, it paints a view we want to keep” -Sing this in a round several times… It may help when you hear the melody.   Fifty State Rounds is filled with music, learning, and fun!  Every state has its own round with the music written out along with interactive audio so you can hear how its supposed to be sung.  Children and adults will be entertained for hours as they learn these original musical state rounds and sing them out loud for (and with) their family, friends, and school class.  

A musical round is a song that can be sung by two or more people, and often in groups.  One person starts off and the next person starts to sing the same song after a few measures.   The song should harmonize nicely.  When the person or group gets to the end of the round, they start again.  The round can go on and on, singing it as many times as you’d like.  

Each state round has audio to hear how it sounds and to make it easier to learn.  Simply tap the ‘PLAY ROUND’ button on each page to hear the round.  The round is sung once first, then after a few seconds, its sung again, in a round.  

You can also learn about something special and unique about each state in the lyrics.  The rounds will inspire you to find out more about the states.

September 16
Marcia Go Rounds
Riley Steven Weber

Customer Reviews

Debi Delighted ,

50 States Rounds Book

What a fun and delightful way to learn and explore the treasures unique to each state! The music is catchy, the words describing each state are clever and informative, and the music is amenable to kids of any age (including age 70). How fun to sing in rounds that harmonize so perfectly. I am excited to have this book, and I think it should be introduced to the schools, especially those grades that are learning geography, spelling, and music. As a proud grandmother, I am excited to share it with my grandchildren and go the rounds! Thank you to the developers of this wonderful book; Riley Weber and Marcia Millett. You’ve just elevated my status as an outstanding grandma. Thank you!
Sincerely - Debra, from the beautiful state with the Golden Arches!

teacher1234567 ,

Great for parents and educators

This is AMAZING!!!!!!! I love that for each state there are a few facts that kids can learn about. The music is simple, easy for kids to learn, and the round adds such a fun element!!! I also like the art and how you can listen to each round. Thumbs up!!!

Music & Books 4 The Masses ,

FUN, Easy to Use, & a Unique Find!

My kids are really into singing. I heard them singing a round the other day and happened across this unique find today. It just so happens that my oldest is studying states this year and I think this is a FUN way to help him learn about the states. We homeschool right now, but I think a classroom of kids would have a good time with this as well! It’s so easy to read the notes and words, as well as hear the songs, that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!! Also, I noticed a #stateroundschallenge at the end. That’ll be cool to see where that goes! 😎