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From New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes a new emotional and riveting standalone second chance love story.

I fell in love with Sydney Hastings when I was ten years old.

At sixteen, we whispered promises of forever. 

When I was twenty-two I broke them all. I left her and promised never to return.

After my father's death, I’m forced to go home to Sugarloaf for six months. She'll be everywhere, no longer just in my memories and regrets. 

When we’re together, it’s as though time never stopped. She’s still the one I want, but I don’t deserve her. Instead of apologizing, I take that beautiful, broken woman in my arms. But after that, it’s her turn to leave me. 

Now I have to fight. For her. For us. For the life we both want …

May 19
Corinne Michaels

Customer Reviews

Shaniqua Edmunds ,

Declan and Sydney

I’m in love again with Corinne Michaels, your books are what I look forward to when I need an escape!! You are one hell of a writer!

thismanmustbestopped ,

Skip this one

I loved the first book in this series. This second book is a skip for me. It should have been a novella, but it was dragged out to full length novel using my biggest romance pet peeves: adults who can’t seem to communicate and play games to test each other. Plus a bonus pet peeve of a medical crisis for extra chapters of drama after the primary emotional growth of the characters has already occurred.

He is trying to “save her” from a relationship with him (because he has self-image problems and a “secret”) and she is desperately in love with him (but also trying to test him by getting him to choose/chase her before she’s completely honest with him).

The “secret” (revealed in the first book to the primary character who could be harmed by it) loses its emotional punch because its not directly related to the characters in this novel.

It just feels like stupidity: get a freaking lawyer (like, perhaps the heroine of the novel...) to analyze the circumstances and figure out if there is any legal liability. How could a thirty-something millionaire CEO not have that as his first move after the circumstances of the first novel?

If that had been the plot (after the secret is revealed, the hero talks to the heroine about the situation for a legal opinion and she realizes the reason they broke up, and they get back together) this would have been a fantastic novella.

Mrs.Gragg ,


Epic! I think he’s my favorite brother! Actually I kn this, this is the kind of love any couple should want! It sucked me right in and didn’t let me out

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