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Warning: A dark, sexy, boundary-pushing read. 

They destroyed the woman I love. Now I’m going to make them wish they had never been born. 

The frat boys who hurt Sam will pay the price for what they did. And the price is everything. I will have their pain, their suffering, and then their lives. I am not the man I was last summer; I’m a stone cold bastard with a lump of ice where my heart used to be.

They drove Sam away from me and now there is nothing left to lose. And then I see her…walking through the airport in Costa Rica. 

It’s Sam. She’s alive and here for the same reason I am—to take vengeance. 

It doesn’t take long to figure out we’re as perfect together as we’ve always been. Now we just have to decide—carry through with our dark plans, or get out before it’s too late.

READER ALERT: This is the second half of Danny and Sam’s story and should be read after Run With Me. Fight for You is a full length novel that contains adult themes, violence, murder, and possible triggers for sexual assault victims.

June 23
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

How far will you go?

What would you do in the name of justice? How far would you allow your need for revenge to consume you? Why when you finally get the courage to tell the truth about what was done to you, the system fails you?
In One Beautiful Revenge, Sam left behind the one man she loved (Danny) to gain the strength and courage to get her revenge on the men that hurt her. Distancing herself from her family and Danny for a year, she finally comes out of hiding to follow through with her plan. A plan that doesn't involve Danny, but somehow he too has plans to avenge justice for Sam. When Danny first goes to Sam, she shuts him out. Already heartbroken, Danny gives it one more try, convincing Sam that he is only there to help her pull off her revenge and then he's gone. Deep down, Danny hopes Sam will come around and remember the love that they once shared. Eventually Sam lets down her guard and allows old feeling to resurface. Together, they make each man pay, but it doesn't happen without some bumps along the way.
Jessie Evans continues to amaze me with her writing. She did such a beautiful job writing about such a serious subject. A beautiful ending to complete the Wild Rush Series.

Singing Secretary ,

Powerful Story of Revenge and Rediscovering Love

One Beautiful Revenge is book 4 in J. Evans Wild Rush series and is the continuation of Sam and Danny’s powerful story of seeking revenge and rediscovering a love believed to have been lost forever. J. Evans' writing is absolutely amazing making us deeply feel the suffering and heartbreak these characters go through and keeping us wrapped up in their story from beginning to end hoping they'll eventually find their way back to once another.

After living and suffering through an unthinkable injustice, Sam turns her back on the life she knew to bolster her courage and build the strength she will need to take matters into her own hands. Danny’s heart is shattered feeling as though he has lost his soulmate because of the hurt and unfairness suffered by her. He makes the decision that it is up to him to ensure those responsible would pay for their sins. Both on the same path of vengeance, Sam has closed off her heart from feeling anything other than the complete focus on retaliation, and Danny is left with the hole in his heart and motivated to extract revenge.

But when he unexpectedly finds Sam again after being separated for a year, Danny is determined to convince her that working together will ensure success of their plans. Despite the deep love Sam had always felt for Danny, she is certain that because of the physical violation from which she suffered and the deep and unrelenting determination towards revenge that those feelings of love are lost to her forever. But as they begin spending time together again, the all-consuming connection of their souls is once more rekindled within her. Now they are left with the decision of whether the revenge they had been so determined to seek is still worth the risks as they begin to rediscover the love they had always felt for each other.

One Beautiful Revenge is an outstanding addition to Ms. Evans’ Wild Rush series. The deep connection shared between these characters is proven to be strong enough to overcome the emotional injuries suffered. It teaches them that although this kind of hurt is never forgotten, the joining together and support between two souls can be the strength that is needed to heal the wounds within.

This entire series is definitely very edgy with the books 3 and 4 dealing with unspoken concerns young women face in this world today. Beginning with This Sweet Escape and continuing with One Beautiful Revenge, they bring to light that issue which most definitely needs to be addressed in society today. I would absolutely recommend starting at the beginning of J. Evans’ Wild Rush series in order to get the complete understanding of all of these characters starting with the love between Caitlin and Gabe and concluding with Sam and Danny. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

Crickalina ,

Emotional Roller coaster

I have read all but one of Jessie Evan's books. She is one of my favorite author who is a one click must! with anything. I do not think i have read anything not 5 stars. All of her books have been a sexy contemporary romance so when i started this series i was blown away. I actually poorly reviewed the first book, like how can i like this book when it is so, well wrong. I went back a few months later and actually read it. Then i was hooked. The wild rush series is not contemporary romance. It shows that Jessie is able to reach beyond that and still write a 5 star book. Wild rush is a little dark, but more about vengeance or payback.
So this brings us to One Beautiful Revenge. This book starts with Tears, big ugly you have to be F***ing kidding me tears. It brings to mind all the times you hear about someone getting off scott free from a crime that they should have paid dearly for, and who wouldn't want to take the law in their own hands at that point and make the guy pay for what he has done.
Books are about Fantasy, this series is the fantasy about what would be the best justice when things go bad. If you can't buy the fantasy then this is not for you, if you can step outside of the "lawful" mindset and see the beauty of this revenge, you will Love it. Because honestly who hasnt' wanted to look at a person who hurts another and fantasize about something awful happening to them.
5 stars, I'm in love. Big tears, Bug eyed "you have to be kidding me moments", awe moments, happy, sad anther chock full of emotion reads. Highly recommend this series to anyone.

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