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val·or: great bravery in the face of danger, especially in battle

Once, Jackson Richards had it in spades. As a member of the United States Special Forces, he fought alongside the bravest and most capable men he’d ever known.

Then one mistake landed them all in Hell.

For six months, he fought. But one terrible day, his captors learned the full extent of his skills, and that sealed his fate.

Tortured and broken in conditions that made Hell look like a five-star resort, Jackson Richards died, and Isaad was born. Shaped into a weapon for the wrong side, he’d forgotten who he once was. Who he was meant to be.

Until the days his captor imprisoned Joey Taylor.

Helping Joey and her marine escape reminded Jackson of the man he used to be. And now, he’ll fight. For himself. For the friends he thought he lost in Hell. And for Cara. The woman with a secret he can’t ignore.

If he’s strong enough, he’ll leave Isaad behind. Maybe then, he can take back his true name.


WARNING: This book contains scenes of torture and implied sexual violence that may be disturbing to sensitive readers. 

September 10
PageCurl Publishing
Patricia D. Eddy

Customer Reviews

Courtle3 ,

A Beautifully Broken man

I knew from reading the other books that Ripper’s story was going to be epic but it would also shatter me, be heartbreaking, and just rip your soul out. Poor Ripper has endured so much torture and pain for 6 years and finally we get his background on what has been going on, where he went, what he has endured, and what he has be doing. Trying not to give too much away the first part of the story is his background of exactly what I just said and it was so heartbreaking I was in tears, then the second half of the book is him trying to find himself in the real world again and trying to be normal again but he is definitely having a hard time until he meets Cara. Cara comes with her own baggage and things she is running from but together they find a certain amount of peace and calmness in each other. This story will shred you to pieces but then it will put you together again in a beautiful way. I absolutely loved it and Ripper is now my favorite.

Oakdalecats ,

Enjoyed and read twice!

I review a lot of books. Over the course of a year, I may read up to 300 books. But out of all those books, I rarely read any twice. More importantly, I don’t often meet characters in any book that I want to keep around as friends. Patricia Eddy’s books are the exception to the rule.

In the book, you’ll meet R.T. Jackson, Ripper. And you’ll also meet his savior, Cara. Both of these wonderful people have been wounded by the adverse events in their life. They suffer from anxiety, depression, and a lot more. Ripper’s problems began in Afghanistan. Then as one of the men imprisoned in Hell, a series of caves in the Hindu Kush. Finally ending as a prisoner forced to perform jobs that he’s blocked from his mind. And his savior? She’s suffering from the same kind of wounded but she’s being hunted because of things she heard.

Together these two are perfect. And because of that, and because this is the first review I’ve written about this book, I will stop this review and instead tell you about the reasons you should read books written by Ms. Eddy.

First, if you are going to read this book, it might be better to start the series at the beginning-you will then know the other characters, Dax, Ryker (my virtual book boyfriend), as well as Wren.

Second, Patricia Eddy excels at writing “broken” people, although I prefer to use the word wounded, since at the end they are brought to a place where they can celebrate their imperfections.

In this book, like the others in the series, you will be drawn into lives of military heroes who give everything for the people they love.

I recommend this book and the rest of the series. You will celebrate and weep with the character and follow the stupendous plotting that takes you from one important point to the next.

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