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A pregnant librarian isn't the sort of person who should have to worry about an alpha male werewolf, but luck isn't on Fatima Malik's side. After a week of ecstasy in a secluded cabin with Dylan Collinee, she ran, carrying his child.

Now Dylan has hunted her down and isn't about to take no for an answer. Yet things are more complicated than a bit of panic over commitment. Fatima is a feline shifter herself and neither the wolves nor the cats are ready to accept such a forbidden mating.

It would be so easy to put her faith in Dylan, who believes that love can conquer all. Yet before their love can face the threats from the rest of the world, it will have to crumble the walls Fatima has carefully built around her own heart.

FIGHTING LIKE CATS AND DOGS is a paranormal romance novella. Be warned that it contains steamy romantic scenes between a sexy dominant werewolf and a catgirl who just can't tell him no.


As he leaned in to close the distance between us, I held my breath. It came out shakily when his lips finally touched mine. The soft brush of that kiss broke something inside of me and I pressed close to him, sliding in closer across the bench seat. His hand on my wrist brought my arm up, settling it around his shoulders, and his other hand moved to the small of my back to draw me into his lap. I laughed quietly against his lips as I wriggled my way between him and the steering wheel. My belly wasn’t that big yet, but more than enough to make it awkward.

“Give me a chance.” His deep voice rumbled in his chest as he abandoned my lips to move down my throat. The scrape of stubble against that tender skin made me shudder, then gasp when I felt his teeth scrape over my pulse point. “That’s all I’m asking.”

There was something so foreign in his pleas. He still sounded so strong, so powerful, and yet he could show me how desperate he was for me. I didn’t trust my own desirability to ever need anyone like that. It would only be offering myself up for pain and shame and rejection.

The fingers of my free hand slid through his hair, holding him close to me, and I turned my head to nuzzle his temple. My voice was a soft whisper. “Please don’t say those things. Just let this be what it is.”

Whether he agreed with me or not, he grew silent. His hands reached behind me to adjust the steering wheel, tilting it toward the dashboard to give us more space. His lips never left my throat. They kissed and nibbled, occasionally teasing at my skin with the tip of his tongue. Bit by bit, his kisses moved downward and his deft fingers unbuttoned my shirt. When he reached my now bare collarbone, he followed along it with silky brushes of his lips. Everything was so different with him, light-years away from any other lover I’d had. Once he had my shirt unbuttoned down to my belly, he pulled back either side of it like the petals of a flower opening.

August 11
Selkie Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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