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An explosive new romantic suspense series set in the Dublin criminal underworld.

His last hit turns out to be his first love…

As a final job for his mob boss uncle, Lar Delaney agrees to eliminate one last target. Through the crosshairs of his sniper rifle, he realizes that his target is a former girlfriend—a woman who supposedly died five years previously.

Moira Collins is an intelligence agent whose cover has been shot to smithereens. When she finds herself on the wrong side of an assassin’s rifle, she’s appalled to recognize the only mark she ever let herself fall in love with. 

March 14
Beaverstone Press LLC
Beaverstone Press LLC

Customer Reviews

noName1,2,3 ,

Must Read

Fantastic new series!! I have always loved this author and she definitely did not disappoint this time. The characters as always make you fall in love with them and you think about them even when you are forced to put the book down to deal with everyday life! I cannot wait to read even more of her books! Get this book, you will not be disappointed

Crickalina ,

Irish mob mystery romance

A lot of mob mystery with a little romance thrown in. Final Target is not your average romance, it focuses more on the mob mystery angle than the rebidding love of Lar and Moira. The story line pulls you in and you can't put it down till you know who's responsible and what happens next. The ending leaves more questions than answers making it impossible to wait for book 2, June seems very far away.
I love Zara's Irish books that bring me to an unfamiliar culture without completely losing me in the lingo, a very nice balance.

Agent$$$$ ,

Final Target Review

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I had never read a Zara Keane novel or a novel about the mob, so this was a first x2 for me!

I really liked the storyline and the suspense. There were lots of twists and turns--especially in the end that I wasn't expecting. The last twist segways into the next novel! This story begins with the bombing of a church, then fast forwards several years to fill in the gaps as to why Moira and Lar became what they were/are. It also explains why they did what they did. There are 3 main crime families in this novel, each accusing the other of killing their family members. People are assumed dead, but they aren't. Family members are reunited and love found.

I found myself confused at times with all the family elements as to who was after whom and why. This is not a light read and you have to be somewhat detail-focused so that you don't miss something important. With that being said, I did enjoy this novel and will definitely read other Zara Keane novels!

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