Financial Feminist

Overcome the Patriarchy's Bullsh*t to Master Your Money and Build a Life You Love

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An instant New York Times bestseller

From the globally-recognized personal finance educator and social media star behind Her First $100K, an inclusive guide to all things money—from managing debt to investing and voting with your dollars

Tori Dunlap was always good with money. As a kid, she watched her prudent parents balance their checkbook every month and learned to save for musical tickets by gathering pennies in an Altoids tin. But she quickly discovered that her experience with money was pretty unusual, especially among her female friends.

It wasn’t our fault. Investigating this financial literacy and wealth gap, Tori found that girls are significantly less likely to receive a holistic financial education; we’re taught to restrain our spending, while boys are taught about investing and rewarded for pursuing wealth. In adulthood, women are hounded by the unfounded stereotype of the frivolous spenders whose lattes are to blame for the wealth gap. And when something like, say, a global pandemic happens, we’re the first to have jobs cut and the last to re-enter the workforce. It's no wonder money is a source of anxiety and a barrier to equality for so many of us.

But what if money didn't mean restriction, and instead, choice? The ability to luxuriously travel, quit toxic jobs, donate to important organizations, retire early? The freedom to live the life you want, and change the world while you do it?

Tori founded Her First $100K to teach women to overcome the unique obstacles standing in the way of their financial freedom. In Financial Feminist, she distills the principles of her shame- and judgment-free approach to paying off debt, figuring out your value categories to spend mindfully, saving money without monk-like deprivation, and investing in order to spend your retirement tanning in Tulum.

You will learn:

- Exercises to help you understand your current relationship with money, figure out what you want to change, and how to make that happen

- How to decide on your investment goal, and discover the three steps to meeting it

- Learn how to source the data you need to negotiate the money you deserve

Featuring journaling prompts, deep-dives into the invisible aspects of the financial landscape, and interviews with experts on everything money—from predatory credit card companies to the racial wealth gap and voting with your dollars—Financial Feminist is the ultimate guide to making your money work harder for you (rather than the other way around.)

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December 27
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Customer Reviews

Lily L T ,

Amazing Read

From learning to budget to understanding systematic oppression, this book has it all. Tori’s wisdom is shared in a strong and funny voice that keeps you wanting to turn the page, but the homework makes you stop and learn something great!

MzProblem1123 ,

Mind blowing

I had no financial literacy, I learned a lot here!

HillaryB808 ,

Everyone needs this book!!!

Full disclosure I was provided an advance digital copy of the book, but my review and thoughts are my own having just finished my first read-through. I also purchased a hard copy for my desk.

I have watched, read, and listened to my fair share of financial advice/help books/tv shows/podcasts, and this book is quite refreshing and takes on more than just the bottom line of making more and spending less. That is the quintessential cookie-cutter advice from the likes of some well-known financial gurus.

When I say is what I mean...the book is written as if you were having a conversation with a ride-or-die friend that understands there is more to you than your not having a plan for retirement and long-term saving. Tori talk to us from where ever we stand in life and she confronts the societal pressures that we feel to get everything right financially. She doesn't just tell you to do this or that, but rather she makes you question what you really want out of the money you earn.

It is an easy read with tons of lessons not just from Tori, but from others colleagues in the financial realm which I thought was wonderful that she didn't behave as if she created the wheel and that only her plan for me would work. Often financial coaches or gurus create programs and plan to market to consumers. These plans are marketed as though what they are teaching is a brand-spanking new concept and they just invented it. When in actuality many of the strategies have been around for decades. They are being revamped and modified for the times we currently live in. I appreciate Tori's candidness. She doesn't take credit for all the nuggets of wisdom that she brings to us in this book. I appreciate her sharing the spotlight in her book with others to bring us new insights.

Of course, if you are a woman in need of money management advice this book is a must-have for you, but this book is for anyone, not just women regardless of the title. I can see guys loving the feel of the book just as much as I did. It was the candor and the rapport that is present throughout each chapter. Whether you have no clue about financial planning and management or you are well versed in the matter again I think there is more to take away from this book than just Tori's advice on money and spending it is about life and also about the narratives and unwritten rules that we all unconsciously and some consciously play by in our society.

I can't wait to get my physical copy, so I can mark off my passages. This book probably won't end up on my bookshelf because it will be sitting on my desk with my notebook as I work through this journey to financial freedom!