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The world atlas for Dragon Age: Inquisition includes a plethora of information that may prove useful, while exploring the virtual world of Thedas. It is important, since in the third installment of the Dragon saga, the world is vast and offers you to visit various corners of the Empire of Orlais and Ferelden. Unarguably, the most space has been devoted to chapters about main locations that your team can visit in the game. Every chapter has been further split into few parts, each part focusing on different topic like important characters and locations (including merchants), treasure chests, places where you can unlock new codex entries, the localization of secrets, astrariums and ocularums or optional dungeons and additional locations to visit. Every page includes a high quality map with the most important locations marked. Another important part of this atlas is a chapter about localization of the quarries and logging stands. They're useful when building the Skyhold later in the campaign. This has been rounded up with a full list of quests, including the main story quests, additional quests connected to locations you visit and companion quests. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a complex game of the RPG genre. Here, you take control of a completely new character and you take control of the Inquisition, travel around interesting locations and fight frequent battles.
Find Every Secret in Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third part of our enormous guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The other two are How to Lead Inquisition in Dragon Age and Quests and Maps in Dragon Age Inquistition. We are still working on the second one and it should be available to buy in late January.
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