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BANG! Without warning, a child is lost to suicide. Why? 

This beautifully written, brave memoir explores the complicated and misunderstood subject of suicide through a mother's journey to find the answer to her question, "What happened to my son." 

Turning to research, psychiatry, and suicide prevention organizations, she reviews her son's life with a newly educated perspective, confronting her own misunderstandings about suicide in the process. 

Find Gregory St. Amand is honest, powerful, and empathetic, serving as a wake-up call, particularly for parents. The author encourages the reader to see suicide's broad picture, which lessens ignorance and discomfort, ultimately leading to awareness and conversations that can save lives. Suicide does not discriminate, the author reminds us; her son Greg could be any parent's son. 

Edited by Dolly Gudder

Designed by Mark St. Amand

A 2014/2015 Reader Views Literary Award Winner.

What readers are saying:

"This important book deserves wide readership." --Dr. Richard Harris, professor of psychological sciences at Kansas State University.

"In “Find Gregory St. Amand” the recourses are invaluable, Beth Harrison St. Amand’s words are honest and heartfelt, and are a beautiful tribute to her son. This book needs to find its way in to many more hands. “Find Gregory St. Amand” could save a life or even comfort someone who has already lost a loved one. Five stars – Inspirational!" --Reader Views

"Beautiful, gutsy, helpful book."

"There were moments I had to reread the chapter or a few paragraphs because they were so profound." 

"Thank you so very much for sharing his story."

"I know a lot of people who can benefit from this book."

"You tackled it from all angles; from educator to mom to compassionate peer to someone who may have gone through the same things."

"Beautifully written." 

"I honestly think that everyone training to be a provider needs to read this." --Dr. M. Welsh, clinical psychologist. 

Health, Mind & Body
October 15
Beth Harrison St. Amand
Beth St Amand
Grades 12 and Above