Finding Miranda, The Minokee Mysteries Book One Finding Miranda, The Minokee Mysteries Book One

Finding Miranda, The Minokee Mysteries Book One

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Publisher Description

Miranda Ogilvy is accustomed to being invisible. She’s a big-city librarian until her aunt dies suddenly, leaving Miranda a century-old cottage forty miles beyond the middle of nowhere. So, Miranda makes the life-changing move from Miami to Minokee.

But even in a small town, people don’t notice Miranda. The only two people who seem all too aware of her are a handsome, blind neighbor (way out of her league) and the man who murdered her aunt (too late to move back to Miami?).

Shepard Krausse is a late-night radio talk show host, but it isn’t because he “has a face for radio,” as the saying goes. In fact, Shepard is such a hunk that the little old ladies in his tiny Minokee community set their clocks every day in order to be on their front porches sipping coffee and watching through binoculars as he takes his morning run. Shep waves to the ladies (Psst! Bernice, yer droolin; on yer apron.), but he has never seen them. Shep has been blind since birth. His best friend (and guide dog), Dave, goes everywhere with him, including on the morning run. (Shepard’s the cute one; Dave’s the smart one.)
Shepard’s radio show, “Sheep Counters with Shep and Dave,” caters to insomniacs whose paranoia and conspiracy theories are keeping them awake. Shep has a conspiracy theory of his own. He believes his uncle, the governor of the state of Florida, is corrupt in a big way, and may even be behind the murder of Miranda's late Aunt Phyllis.

Miranda is small, plain, and, of course, invisible. Shep is the size of a professional wrestler and, of course, resembles Adonis. She squeaks by on a librarian’s salary, still wearing clothes she owned in high school. His matching outfits are laid out for him every morning by his chauffeur/valet. She has learned four languages by listening to CDs in her car. He speaks seven languages, which he learned while in boarding school in Switzerland. Her aunt was a small-town librarian and part-time birdwatcher. His uncle is the governor of Florida, and his mother acts like the Queen of England. Miranda attended a community college. Shepard has an Ivy League law degree.

Not since the owl and the pussycat has there been a more unlikely pair.

Now that Miranda has moved into Minokee, Shep and Dave are determined to protect their new neighbor from the bad guys. They just need to find out who or what the villains are. Miranda and Shep don’t know that soon, on a steamy Florida night, the city girl and the blind deejay will be running for their lives in the inky darkness of a swampy Florida forest.

October 15
Iris Chacon
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

adorablered ,

Finding Miranda

Very good story. I highly recommend this book.

Gmnagle ,

Light heart, interesting mystery

Finding Miranda was a great find. The story is very quaint and an easy read. As expected, Miranda needs finding, but in a way you may not expect from this little mystery. There is a few twists and turns that are a pleasant surprise in the story as well as some plots you hope to develop the way they do.

It is a light hearted book, that has some parts to make you chuckle, cry and maybe even get you a little hot under the collar (in more than one way). All in all, I enjoyed this book and recommend it. I liked the dialect usage even though it does make you slow down a little as you read. I think it gives a more lively feel to the story. Some of the transitions could use a little more developing but if you take your time, it is easy to follow.

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