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I look at the world around me and wonder how we can move our world toward the ideals that we all hold: a peaceful planet of shared resources where each human has enough to ensure survival and a way to find their own path of contribution to the world that we all share.
At times, it seems hard to believe that we can find a way to turn the ship around. At times, it seems like the problems just continue to multiply and grow larger while our ability to solve the challenges of our day become fewer with each passing moment. But then, I remember my favorite title of all time. It was a book by Peter Block, and while I confess to not remembering too much of the book, the title stayed with me. “The answer to How? Is “Yes.” The answer to how is “yes”. That struck me so deeply that it’s become my mantra. To me, it means that saying “yes” takes you towards the goal. Step by step, moving forward, saying “yes” to how takes you to the next step and the next until you arrive at your goal. It has propelled me through times of success and learning. Saying “yes” got me through trial and error repetitions that seemed endless and through times when I was sure that what I was working towards would always be just out of reach.
In order to answer the question of “how?” with a “yes!” it seems to me that we need to have a clearer picture of the collective problems and the roots of those problems. We need to have a direction to raise our collective wills to and an idea of what will matter the most in our answer to how. What can we say yes to that will make the most difference to our future? Where is our resounding yes going to sound the loudest and echo the longest?
I’m going to outline some thoughts here, and I’d like to invite you to engage on these thoughts and help to bring them forward into our conversations and our envisioning and planning moving forward. It’s common for us humans to reflexively, even unconsciously put up barriers to new ideas. We are creatures of habit, so I invite you as you read to be aware of your reflexive barriers and ask yourself if resistance to change is an actor in your play of receiving of these ideas.
For me, it seems obvious. Change is coming. Change is here. The choice ahead of us is not whether we need to change, but whether we will choose to be participants and agents of that change, or whether we will remain locked in our desire to have things our way to the point where the winds of change may literally blow us away.

March 15
Cynthia Schaefer
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