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Neither Lynn or Donovan are looking for anything other than peace when they are introduced at Music Extraordinaire.
Recovering from cancer, grieving the tragic death of her husband, Lynn Cerami reluctantly agrees to attend a Los Angeles musical event. The elite of the music world attend. Donovan Rue, owner of Rue LA LA, introduces himself to the quiet, beautiful, sad Lynn.
Donovan pursues the gentle Lynn whom he nicknames Peace. Uncertain of her future, thinking it’s too soon after her husband’s death, but completely enamored by the confidant Donovan, Lynn allows the relationship to blossom.
Lynn and Donovan each face work difficulties. Lynn’s boss and her declining health make daily work miserable. Donovan encounters a lawsuit against Rue LA LA by hip hop artist Roy Alloy. As Lynn’s health mysteriously deteriorates, she accompanies Donovan to an event where she is confronted about her age, her color, her differing culture, and lifestyle by diva Dymettra. Asia Barber, respected music legend and Donovan's godmother, hears but is Asia unsuccessful when she confronts Dymettra and Roy Alloy. Lynn leaves Donovan.
During Lynn's forced medical leave, a massive brain tumor is discovered. During the emergency surgery Donovan declares that he loves Lynn. Lynn's health is restored. Donovan continues to battle the lawsuit and is accused by his ex-wife Mandisa of sexual harassment. Dymettra attaches herself to Mandisa’s accusations. Donovan's daughter Dara has information that could help her father.
Acknowledging that she has a right to happiness, Lynn accepts Donovan's second marriage proposal, but he refuses to marry until the lawsuits are settled.
Lynn is deposed the day Asia Barber dies. Following that funeral, the lawsuit is terminated and Dara's information about her mother ends the harassment threat.
With both issues conquered,that Donovan plans a surprise wedding. He and Lynn find their peace at a wedding held on her college’s campus.

July 9
Adelyn Zara
Smashwords, Inc.

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