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To all who see her, Roxanne Lemieux has everything: money, fame, and breathtaking beauty. However, her diva-like behavior has given her a difficult reputation, and her wild ways end suddenly after a car accident that finds her waking in a hospital and scheduled to face a judge.
James “Finn” Finnegan signed up for community service workers in the hopes of receiving strong men willing to lend a muscle. Instead, the court sends him a strikingly beautiful woman, the likes of which he has never seen before. Immediately smitten, he comes up with work for her to do, for he knows right away that there is more to the frightened supermodel than the public believes – and he wants to stare at her a little longer.
Working in a house for wayward children was not what Roxanne had in mind, but anything is better than the humiliation of picking up trash. However, as she works out her sentence, she begins to feel again. First, there is the sexy doctor who looks more like a surfer than a psychiatrist, and he makes her burn with an undeniable passion every time he is near. Then there are the children who manage to worm their way into her affections until she is doing good things instead of acting spoiled and haughty.
The placement forces her to face her inner demons, and she finds the real Roxanne behind her false persona. Yet she is not prepared for the pain that comes from feeling real love. The agony makes her wonder if Finn could ever be happy with a woman who is more trouble than she is worth or if she should have left her heart alone… and lonely.

September 15
Collette Scott
Smashwords, Inc.

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