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A unique exploration fo language and visual art for your device.

A Note from the Poet and Artist:

These poems are a culmination of my lifetime of observation of the human psyche. As an artist, I portray a unique perspective. While I recognize the details may not always be universal my hope is it can be experienced in a way that is personal. 

The intention of this experience is to honor women’s collective past, the current climate, as well as looking forward to the future where our place in society, in power, in the human experience goes forth integrated. As the saying goes, to not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it- I wanted to honor those ideals that have been ignored in our most sacred circles. I have found in writing this series the most intimate of issues have arisen in myself, but are truly the collective’s roots of love, loss, fear, safety, sexuality and empowerment. The backbone of health is bearing witness to your own desires and honoring the desires and sacrifices of the collective because we are all connected. 

Throughout these swipe sessions be on the lookout for little surprises that will take you to another window into the human collective experience with images, sounds and sayings…

May you find a moment of reprieve on your device, whether you are on the move or in a place of stillness. Best of luck on your journey and curiosity, voice and power never cease. 

Fiction & Literature
June 5
Victoria Lee Case
Victoria Case

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Lover of Art and more\ ,

Finding the Funny in those Lost Places

This introspective, moving work of art inspires you to look inside yourself for those things that you may think but don’t now how to voice. Ms. Case has captured not only the written word beautifully, but her artwork inspires joy from within.

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