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Go for the win! Achieve excellence and be better than you’ve ever been!

In his years as a professional ice-skater, Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton learned to embrace the mind-set of working hard to “beat” the competition. But it seems competition has gotten a bad rap these days. We’ve bought into the belief that it is unfair to participants to rank performance. Yet competition is in fact a good thing because it’s about working toward excellence.

Finish First is a wake-up call for business leaders, entrepreneurs, spouses, parents, and even students to stop settling for mediocre and begin to revitalize their intrinsic will to achieve excellence and go for the win. Most of us feel we were made for something more, but we’re often afraid to allow ourselves to be competitive because we think our finishing first might somehow rob others of their chance to shine. This book encourages the hidden potential, the champion within all of us, to come out—which eventually brings our family, marriage, career, business, and the world around us the greatest possible good.

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February 6
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Customer Reviews

Jaymy M. ,

Well written and inspirational read finishes first

Well written and inspirational, Scott Hamilton truly finishes first on my listwith his account of winning changing everything.

I have always been a fan of the skater, the little guy with the big heart, infectious smile and determination. He has always comes across as a winner regardless the marks on judges' score cards because of his never say die attitude.

I watched on tv his televised return to the ice after battling cancer and knew what a battle it must have been to keep his feet under him, but he put on a smile and pushed through what at the least must have been exhaustion, when others would have folded. (Reading about his return, his account, made me appreciate it that much more, and really drove home the point he was striving for.)

That determination coupled with the way he has ways come across as a genuinely nice person, one who appreciates others and having fun, has always made him an inspiration.

I enjoyed him just as much as a sportscaster. He never tore down the skaters, always finding a positive about each and their work.

This book affirms those qualities, gives incite into his attitude, successes and pursuit of success. It also gives such encouragement to others, those who are at what feels like their lowest as well as those at the top.

Finish First explains exactly how he did and continues to do just that: with a winning attitude, determination, a little --or maybe even a lot of-- failure, and continued hard work and willingness to grow, adjust, set and reach new goal, never letting fear of failure prevent you from trying, and most of all faith and trust in God and His plan.

He notes the value and importance of healthy competition, and pushing yourself to the limit and taking limits off when striving for personal goals. ... for those willing to dedicate themselves to the goal and put in the work required to get there, and not being afraid to put in the work, and keeping a positive attitude, to be a champion. But, reminds us not to focus so hard on the big picture that we fail to see the daily strides and cues, and shows that you can be a good person and s be competitive and a winner.

That voice so many have cone to recognize as Scott Hamilton's over the years come through in Finish First. It's like a friend sitting down with you to really discuss how to get there, or at least how he did it, and suggestions to help get you there too... if you're willing to pit away the try and do the work needed for success in whatever you are seeking, and realize there's if it doesn't happen the first or 101st time that there's a bigger plan, lessons to be learned and a reason.

There are relatable stories that show practical application of road for success.

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