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I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t have a f*%king clue. Now, I’m in the fight of my life to win over the woman who owns my soul. ~ Finn Black

The face of an angel…

The heart of a saint…

One look, one smile, and I didn’t stand a chance. The instant my eyes landed on Presley Chambers, I was a goner. She was a force of nature that turned my world upside down. Sweet, sassy, and sexy as hell, she brought me to my knees. 

But she isn’t just any woman, she’s a gift, she’s a goddess, she’s my disease… and I’ll fight like hell to erase her fears. 

Sometimes fate has other plans.  Now our future is in her hands. 

I can only hope she’ll give us the chance we both deserve.

The idea that someone could possess me was insane… until I met Finn Black.~ Presley Chambers

The face of Adonis…

The heart of a hero…

Finn Black infiltrated my safe world the minute he breathed my name. He broke down my barriers and convinced me to take a chance. For the first time ever, I was living my life with a man who promised me a future only dreams are made of. 

Sometimes the line between love and longing are tested. 

He’s asked me to trust him, to trust us, but the fear of losing him became too much.

Now I must decide if I’m willing to take a leap of faith, and hope he’ll be there to catch me. 

March 31
Ahren Sanders
Ahren Sanders

Customer Reviews

Mari360 ,

In love with Finn!!!!!

Review We met Finn in Surrendering. My heart ached for him in surviving. After having "fallen in love" he was heartbroken. It's great to see him find someone deserving of his attention. Pres has had her share of tragedy. My heart hurt for her when we were introduced to her but ultimately it's the reason she gave her heart over to Finn. Great story would definitely recommend.

Angelfoll ,

A true hero!!!

A true hero!!!

Wow, what an amazingly beautiful story.
I absolutely love this book and every character in it. I love this circle of friends and what they mean to each other.
I've always loved this authors stories BUT this one is by far my favorite.
For most of the book I had a constant smile on my face, especially when it came to Winnie, that little girl stole my heart with her adult talk, she is such a doll.
My heart is exploding with emotions, Presley is such a strong character and full of life and love, the way her character was written was simply beautiful.
Finn he's truly is a hero in so many ways. He stole my heart immediately, with his sexy talk, his heroic acts and his loyalty. The love between them was so strong and potent.
The sex was off the charts hot, and his jealousy cracked me up. A beautiful story with love, heartbreak, friendship, loss, loyalty and trust. It truly touched my heart.

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