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One year ago, an alien spaceship fell from the sky…

It crashed into the fields of Quadrant Four, Saxony, and there it has remained, refusing to give up its secrets to the rest of Pocatello. The Nerjan government is determined to use the spaceship’s technology to give them an advantage in the brewing war against Pemberley, and Sir Asher Lowry is their last hope in cracking its code.

Asher and Andrea Lowry look the same, but they are as different as night and day: Asher is a prestigious scientist, a pioneer in harnessing lightning’s power. Andrea is a fiery street urchin with a dangerous secret. Together, the twins are sent to Saxony to research the spaceship for Nerja. Asher and Andrea know they are pawns in a war they don’t believe in, but these outcasts think they have no other choice but to follow orders.

As soon as they arrive in Saxony, Asher and Andrea realize that it isn’t just fields to be harvested. It’s a country with a completely different way of life, with many innocent—and interesting—native people. And the spaceship it harbors is a technology capable of terrible destruction. For the first time, Asher and Andrea have something worth fighting for.

Can Ash and Andy hold on to the life they’ve found despite the looming war? And how can they keep their own powers from being used against everything that they believe in and care about?

Fire and Lightning is the fourth tale from Pocatello. Approximately 12,000 words.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 7
Stormy Night Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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