Book 2 - The Deacons of Bourbon Street

Fire Me Up

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Can a scorching affair with a bohemian beauty tame a motorcycle man with a dark side? Rachael Johns takes the wheel in the sexy series co-written with Megan Crane, Jackie Ashenden, and Maisey Yates.
Travis “Cash” Sinclair values only two things from his days with the Deacons of Bourbon Street: his prized Harley Davidson and the man who gave it to him. But now Priest Lombard is gone, and Cash has inherited the Deacons’ clubhouse—not to mention its unexpected tenant. She’s exactly the type of woman he tries to avoid: all incense and art, with a sharp tongue that promises trouble. So why does Cash want to push aside those flowing skirts and lose himself between her legs?
Billie Taylor fled a bad marriage to start a new life among the grit and glamour of the French Quarter. She refuses to let another man distract her from her dreams, especially an outlaw biker with nothing to offer except hot sex and an eviction notice. Cash is dangerous, with an untamed streak he tries desperately to conceal. He drives Billie wild, sending her too close to the edge for her own good. And she won’t fall under his spell—or into his bed—without a fight.

Praise for Fire Me Up
“As far as biker series goes, this one has certainly been a heck of a lot of fun! Sexy, smooth and sweet, Rachael Johns’s installment of the Deacons of Bourbon Street is not to be missed.”—A Tasty Read
Fire Me Up is the perfect title for Travis and Billie’s hot tempers and even hotter romance. I recommend it as a must read.”—I Heart YA Books
“What happens when a hot biker with abandonment and commitment issues meets a hippie who challenges him in every way but dislikes everything he stands for? Well, a lot of heat, for one. . . . The story was enjoyable, the sexual chemistry between Travis and Billie was hot and the character development was really great. . . . I enjoyed reading Fire Me Up and I’m very interested in the rest of the brothers and the conclusion to the murder mystery.”—The Sassy Bookster
“Entertaining . . . crackling . . . The mystery, angst, and sensuality continues as readers are introduced to the gruff yet sexy playboy Travis and upbeat hippie girl Billie.”—Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess
Fire Me Up was a great addition to this series. . . . I love a good mystery as well as a hot love story. Deacons of Bourbon Street is giving me both—a win-win for a romance reader. I highly recommend Fire Me Up for anyone who loves motorcycle club romances, a good mystery or just simply a good, solid love story.”—Keeper Bookshelf
“Fun, sexy . . . [Travis and Billie] were explosive together, which made for a very enjoyable book and addition to the series.”—Majorly Delicious
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

September 1
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

glhince ,

3.5 stars – rounded

3.5 stars – rounded

The second title in this four-book series brings us to Cash’s story. Returning to New Orleans to say goodbye to the recently dead club president, he discovers an inheritance. He has been deeded some old Deacons property that just happens to be in use by Billie Taylor: it houses her gallery and the small apartment above the storefront. Far different than the first in the series, this story takes a circuitous route to a happy solution for Billie and Cash.

Cash was difficult to like, and even more difficult to tolerate in his blatant disregard for Billie: he had his reasons for wanting nothing to do with the Deacons, and Priest’s decisions – preferring to sell and go. But Billie is almost a casualty in his early behavior – his bullheaded approach didn’t show me a redeemable person beneath… even though (this IS romance) there was a physical attraction. Characters in this are a bit more developed: Billie is recovering from her own hang-ups and issues – and Cash just jumps in with that air of control. Slowly though, the two do develop a rapport, as Cash opens up to BIlie and the two find that together they can be WHO they want to be, not who they are.

There is an underlying layer of mystery surrounding Priest’s death, and several unanswered questions about the disbanding of the club, his final bequests to former members that moved out and on from New Orleans, and some other little “who is pulling the strings’ moments. Most are still unanswered and dance on the line where some answers need to come or the storyline will feel like filler to prolong, rather than a driving force. Less rough-hewn than the first, this is a good ‘starter kit’ for those interested in trying motorcycle club romance but are unsure about the graphic nature of the genre. Rachael Johns has created a character in Billie that was truly a fun one to know, and gave some development to Cash that brought me around to accepting, if not wholly believing or liking him much.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Groomsmom ,

Fire Me Up

Travis Sinclair is back in New Orleans for the death of a brother. Until about ten years ago, he was a member of the Deacon's, a down and dirty motorcycle club. For some reason Priest, the president disbanded the club and sent all the brothers away. One by one they're back for the funeral of Priest, killed in a motorcycle accident. Although most believe it wasn't an accident. Travis has since gone on to get his MBA, started his own computer security company in Tallahassee, Florida and moved on with his life. But Priest always demanded respect, and his daughter Sophie needs them to stand up for her. Travis is surprised the he and another two brothers inherited property, one is a building that happens to be their former clubhouse. Travis heads there to check it out and grab a room for his stay, which he is hoping is not long. New Orleans has lost some of it's charm for him.

Billie Taylor is an artist, runs an art gallery and moved to New Orleans from Australia to get away from her ex-husband. She's very happy living in the house off the courtyard which is her gallery. Billie is also very attached to her little wrinkly adorable dog Baxter. Suddenly this big bad biker dude is in her face about her gallery, telling her he is the new landlord. They immediately are at each other's throat. But, Travis can't get over how gorgeous this little bohemian dressed artist is, and especially that she gives back as well as he gives. Billie is angry and fearful this guy could take away her livelihood, wants a room to stay in and made fun of her dog. But, what a hot body he has!

I enjoyed the battle between these great characters. A dangerous biker, with a lot of heart, and Billie and Baxter sneak right under his skin and make him have serious thoughts about his life. There is also the ongoing mystery of Priest's death; the Deacon's believe it's murder, but don't know how to prove it. This is the second in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. Each story is written by a new author. I'm interested to see what the next in the series opens up for us.
I received this ARC from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.
Pat Fordyce

luzida117 ,

must read

This book was given in exchange for an honest review. If there was a scale of one to ten on how hot this book is I would give it an twenty. Hot, Steamy, and Sexy. Thank You for allowing me to read this book. It was an honor and couldn't put it down.I would highly recommend!!!

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