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He’s infuriating…
Dempsey Jones has been a nuisance my entire life, the straight-laced Boy Scout grown up to be a firefighter, of all things. He was the one helping kittens out of trees and old ladies cross the road while I was lighting cherry bombs with my best friend in abandoned buildings, and now that we’re all grown up—even if my Dad doesn’t agree—he’s still just as annoying. 
She’s impossible…
Taite Ridley has been a constant my whole life, the curly haired mischievous daughter of the police chief, charming and devious and alluring. She was wild in ways I never dared to be and too big for our little town. But she’s here, a small town cop, and I can’t avoid her, even if I wanted to. 
And I don’t want to. 
It’s like mixing fire and gasoline and when these two collide, someone is gonna get burned… 

March 6
Nazarea Andrews
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Carolina Easter Lily ,

Fantastic Beginning to a New Series

I love when a book surprises me, and boy this book surprised me. From the very first scene, I knew I was going to love Taite!

Taite is a police officer and daughter of the police chief in her small town. Finding out more about her, I wouldn’t have thought she would be a police officer, but she is. She is a good one! Dempsey is a firefighter and paramedic. He is good at his job too! They have known each other their entire lives and were friends briefly. As time passed, they could barely tolerate one another. Now, they really only enjoy each other’s company when they are hooking up and then later return back to hating each other. You know what they say about hate and love; they are closely related. Change is in the air, and Dempsey is tired of hiding his true feelings for her, but he will have to pull out all the stops to make Taite his.

Taite is one of those characters you won’t forget. She is sassy and doesn’t take guff from anyone, and especially Dempsey. Growing up, she was rebellious, not always making the best decisions. She is wild and passionate. She is all for hook-ups, especially with Dempsey when they argue so much that they sneak away to blow off steam. She doesn’t do relationships. They scare her because of the power they have to destroy an individual. She has erected some huge walls underneath that sassy exterior. Dempsey is doing his best to break them down.

Dempsey has always loved Taite even when she annoyed the crap out of him. He is the opposite of her. He was always the good kid, the star athlete, the valedictorian. Taite describes him as the perfect boy scout, and she is right. He is fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves. He brings Taite some stability, and she brings him a little bit of wildness. These two are soulmates even if Taite fights it every step of the way. Their romance was both steamy and sweet.

Andrews gave her readers a twist I didn’t see coming. It brought out a whole other side to Taite. Without giving any spoilers away, it is something we are seeing more and more on the news. At times, those parts were hard to read. At the same time, it also illustrated that our pasts don’t have to define us.'
Not only did Andrews create a great love story between a couple, but it was a love story of friendship and community. I didn’t realize that until Dempsey’s past comes roaring into his present. His entire group of friends and Taite’s friends rallied around him. I loved the very descriptive writing of Andrews. I could see the town and the bar! I felt like I was a part of the community. I can’t wait to return when Book 2 releases.

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