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When a driver burns to death on the side of a New Mexico highway, evidence from the scene leads reporter Luke Murphy to a series of murders involving the region’s multi-million dollar energy market.

A year after breaking the biggest story of his career, Luke Murphy is reporting on more big changes in the City of Farmington, where the imminent launch of a first of its kind solar facility, and the likely closure of the region’s coal-fired power plant are set to turn the industry on its head, altering the fortunes of the city’s most prominent power-players in the process. With millions at stake, and winners and losers on both sides, it appears someone is determined to tip the field in their favor by any means necessary, and prepared to cover their tracks with fire. But in the shadowy world of big energy, it’s never clear who owns what, or how far they’re willing to go in the pursuit of power and profit.

As Luke chases down the story, peeling away the layers in his search for the truth, will he discover who is responsible for the wave of killings, or will he be next?

Firepower picks up where Chokecherry Canyon left off, pulling readers into another desert noir mystery, and thrilling them with all the action, humor, and suspense that readers of Mike Attebery’s Brick Ransom series have come to expect.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 23
Mike Attebery
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Fire Power

Just finished Fire Power A Four Corners Thriller by Mike Attebery Really enjoyed the book Also read Choke Cherry Canyon great book

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