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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Psychic Files, , Ralph's Gift, Come With Me, A Halloween Awakening, Shadow Stalkers, and Friend Zone. and now, here is our two stories in 1 book!

Lily Green's Romantic Drama and Mystery Collection 1

One Wrong Step 1: Out of Luck

Hers is an ordinary life, then she forgets everything but...

Clarice is the type of woman that plans for everything and has a specific path that she follows every day. Her routine is mundane and predictable, but it is exactly what she wants, because she doesn't tolerate undue surprises. But the one day she tried something different, her luck run out.

The day she disappeared, she tried wearing something red. And then she woke up under the water in a pool, with her life slowly draining out of her. If Peter, a virtual stranger, hasn't saved her, she would have drowned.

But then, she wouldn't have these questions hounding her at every turn. Who is she? Why doesn't she remember her past? Why is she being hunted by the police? And most of all, why does she have this sickness in her, that is literally killing her every second and for a short period of time.

Clarice – or Clara to Peter – is a walking time bomb. And she has to find those answers fast before her luck runs out of her, and maybe hurt the only person willing to stick with her even if it puts his life in mortal danger from unseen enemies who are out for her blood.

Chains of the Incubi 1: Dance of Desire

Under Cassie’s new apartment—under her university and city — demons plunder and punish their unsuspecting victims.

When young Cassie moves away on her own to attend the university, she finds new friends and a great apartment with both odd and wonderful neighbors. She goes to a cool club with friends and meets a gorgeous and sexy hunk she calls “Paulo” who dances great, pulls neat tricks with drinks, and makes her want crazy, wild sex.

But her drunken partying and sultry dancing with Paulo may have also created something else — she had become subjected to the attention of demons seeking innocent preys. They are all for the hormones, and she begins having lustful dreams that leave her exhausted and confused in the morning. She does not remember her dreams so it does not make sense to wake up in a mess, sweating, and feeling like she has had wanton sex.

But there are such things as too much. And dreams — even one with a gorgeous hunk and playful hands — supposedly can’t hurt you.

Can they?

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January 21
Sandra Ross
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