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Firefighter paramedic Mallory “Ice” James commands a crew of smokejumpers—twenty women and men who eat together, sleep together, and parachute into the face of raging forest fires together—and she has thirty days to whip the rookies into shape. Discipline and teamwork mean the difference between life and death on the line, and she’s earned her reputation as cool and controlled in the face of danger. Mallory isn’t happy when “Hotshot” Jac Russo shows up unannounced for boot camp along with a reputation for being trouble. Jac is none too pleased about her cold reception, even if the new boss is drop-dead gorgeous and hotter than the blazes they’re supposed to be dousing. Mallory and Jac may not like each other much, but lust isn’t something either can control—and they soon discover ice burns as fiercely as flame.

Fiction & Literature
July 1
Bold Strokes Books
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Customer Reviews

Claradr ,


Nice story!! Couldn't stop reading!!

SapphoSensei ,

Interesting but not top form for this author

In this work I don't think Radcliffe was at her top game. A very interesting First Responder premise and that part seemed well researched and reasonably believable. Where I felt the work was off was in the character development and even in the relationship between the two lead characters. I sometimes couldn't tell which one was suddenly backing out and putting up walls or just as suddenly all over each other.

There were some nice tender moments and making the connection to another series was a nice touch. I've read many of Radcliffe's works, and if you are a fan I am sure you will enjoy this book... but if you are reading her for first time, you may want to start with one of her more well grounded works.

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