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A washed-up journalist. An unusual detective. Their magical mystery tour is about to get supernatural…

900+ pages of comically crazy paranormal cozy mysteries.

Andy Caplet couldn’t follow a lead if it held him by the hand. So he’s not completely surprised when he’s fired from the paper, loses his flat in The Cotswolds, and has to bunk with an eccentric detective. With nothing better to do, Andy impulsively tags along on his new roommate’s decidedly abnormal investigations…

Inspector Hobbes deals with his stressful career by chomping on bones. He’s been using his mysterious powers to sniff out crime longer than Andy’s been alive, but even he can tell something extra unnatural is afoot. Having a partner may help him weather the wannabe vampires, wacky werewolves, and dastardly villains.

Can the crime-solving duo take down both human and unhuman criminals lurking in the shadows, or will they be consumed by metaphysical madness?

The First Ever Unhuman Bundle contains the first three books in the Inspector Hobbes series of cozy paranormal mysteries. If you like new twists on crime stories, eccentric but lovable characters, and off-the-wall humor, then you’ll love Wilkie Martin’s fantastical collection.

Buy the First Ever Unhuman Bundle to solve quirky paranormal crimes today!

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April 1
The Witcherley Book Company
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Customer Reviews

kc23231 ,

First Ever Unhuman Bundle

Great mysteries, loads of laugh out loud humor.

NotBrightEnough ,

Humor and Mystery Working Together

Humorous mysteries are usually niether. This is not the case here. Imagine a large Sherlock Holmes like Inspector of indetermine ancestry with an even more bumbling Watson written by an a master of (British) English with a eye to humor. I found myself rereading sentences because I missed something the first time through and glad I did. Overall, it's satisfyingly yet subtly humorous without being annoying. The plots are clever, characters credible and the endings satisfying.

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