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A contemporary novel of romance and renewal from perennial bestseller Jude Deveraux, First Impressions is an emotionally charged story of one woman's bid to start over.
Eden Palmer knows how to make it on her own. The forty-something single mother has worked hard to raise her beloved daughter -- now twenty-seven and recently married. The offspring of a terrible event, Eden's daughter, Melissa, has long been the jewel of Eden's life, the one for whom she would sacrifice anything and everything. But sooner or later a woman must come into her own, and that's what Eden tries to do when she moves to Arundel, North Carolina, to take ownership of Farrington Manor, a beautiful old house filled with charm and memories that was willed to Eden by the person who cared for her when she needed it most. Torn between the desire to stay with her daughter and the need to build a separate life on her own, Eden opts for some distance and some much-needed perspective. But it's not long before she realizes that sometimes you have to go back before you can start over.
Arriving in Arundel -- the South's prettiest small town -- Eden quickly learns that looks can be deceiving when her move is met with delight in some quarters and jealousy in others. Pursued by two eligible bachelors -- the rugged Jared McBride and Braddon Granville, local lawyer and town catch -- Eden is flattered, and more than a little suspicious. Juggling the attentions of two men is hard enough, but soon Eden's bid to start over plunges her in the middle of a mystery that threatens not just her plans and reputation, but her very life. Can she use one man to save her from the other?

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October 25
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Customer Reviews

H2word fan ,

First Impressions

An easy, enjoyable read. I thought I would take my time, but continued because I wanted to know more or what happens next!

Doly82 ,


Incredible!! I read it in one day, i couldn't stop!!!

Laurie_Oh_TLG ,

A Great Rainy Day Story

From time to time, you need a change of pace – change things up as it were. For me that involves exploring new-to-me authors and books that I might not normally read. First Impressions from Jude Deveraux is just that kind of book.
Though I tend to like my books with a little more heat – I had to remember that I was going for different here. This is a book that I can easily share with my mother without any worry of getting scolded afterwards. Because you are never too old.
Anyway…First Impressions. It was an entertaining story with a little bit of everything. At first glance, the heroine, Eden Palmer appeared to be a little one-dimensional, but as we got to know her, she had layers. A strength and resolve that felt genuine at every turn. A single mom, whose early years were a fraught with challenges that would have left a lesser person running for the hills, Eden did everything possible to ensure that she could provide for her daughter and herself.
This book is also a bit of mystery and requires careful attention to not only the clues, but the players involved. You will go a bit of ride as this plot plays out. In the process, learning about colonial gardening, which for someone who gardens, it is seriously fascinating. Also family lore and life in a small town where your business is gets around faster than on social media.
This is book that pulled me to its end – I became invested in not only the characters, but it’s plot. Definitely a good change of pace for me and certainly a book a mother could love.

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