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Five years before the heartbreak and distrust came a beautiful story of two people finding and falling in love… 


When freelance computer tech Jake Landon comes to Sabrina Monroe’s rescue her first day on the job, the two develop a sudden attraction that neither can ignore. While Jake sets out to win her over, Sabrina is having a hard time forgetting the humiliating outcome of her last office “romance” and wants nothing more than to focus on her budding, new career—not the attractive “IT guy.” Or so she keeps telling herself. 


Yet, as the seductive pull of Jake’s charm draws her unwittingly closer, causing tension and frustration to flare brightly between them, Sabrina is determined not to break her firm rule: never again date someone she works with. Ever. But the “rules of attraction” cannot be ignored, and Sabrina must decide if she is willing to release her inhibitions and give love a chance.

November 1
Maroon Ash Publishing
Maroon Ash Publishing

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singneon ,

Great IR story

I enjoyed reading this. Jake was very determined to be with Sabrina even though she was a bit skittish. I didn't realize that their story doesn't end here until I continued to read the bonus content. It reads like a full story with a happy ending even though it's a prequel. Great writing skills!

Flygurl84 ,

Great start to the series!

5 stars!!

Not_2_Clvr ,

4 out of 5 stars

This is my first read from this author and I know this is the prequel to another story but I went rogue and did it anyway. I was surprised how much I started liking the hero, Jake London. I though his character had much more to offer than the heroine, Sabrina Morgan.

After being fired from her internship, not because of poor work performance but because of some 'he said she said' nonsense that plagues too many corporations, Sabrina lands another job. Not surprisingly, the new job takes her a while to find because well...some industries take fraternizing amongst its staff seriously and Sabrina knows this. In this her new marketing role, Sabrina's first day on the job brings its own demands - she finds herself with a same day deadline and unfortunately a dead monitor. Lucky for her Jake, the IT guy, comes to her rescue.

Working as a IT contractor, Jake's not really in it to win it. He's using this job as a placeholder until he decides what he wants to do - stay or move to another state to start afresh. On the upside, things start changing for Jake once he meets Sabrina. The chemistry between them is instant and strong but Sabrina's not going what she did at her last job - no more dating co-workers. So now it's Jake's job to convince her that he's worth breaking her steadfast rule.

Sabrina's limited sexual experience (think virgin) plays a big part of her history. She knows what going out with Jake could mean with her career but after some pretty good convincing, she decides to take a chance on Jake. The timing on their romance and sexy time bothered me a bit because everything with these two just seem to happen too quickly considering Sabrina's reluctance and virginal state. When she fell, she fell hard and fast. That doesn't work for me because it suggest that Sabrina's protest just weren't serious.

Now that being said, this isn't a bad story. It's a novella but we do get a nice bit of story. Before I go, I'll warn you - if you chose to read this as a stand alone, the ending comes off as more of an HFN than HEA.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

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