First Mate's Accidental Wife First Mate's Accidental Wife
Book 1 - Gypsy Moth

First Mate's Accidental Wife

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Publisher Description

It was supposed to be a simple mission. 

Locate a kidnapper’s vessel. Rescue the woman. Return her home. Collect a reward.

Instead, the First Mate of the Gypsy Moth finds himself married to a galactic crime lord’s daughter and fighting off those that would make her a widow.

Busy watching his back, while keeping her safe, Damon misses the deadliest attack of all. The one on his heart. She’s taken it, and he’s got to decide whether giving up his freedom is worth the price of love.

April 10
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

Customer Reviews

Mosybug ,

Thoroughly Enjoyed!

This book was much awaited considering how much I like books set in space. They contain different worlds, different species, and steamy sex scenes with the backdrop of the stars. What is not to like?

Damon, the first mate on the Gypsy Moth, is a fly by the seat of his pants kind of biped. He is constantly cautioned not to kill anyone by his captain, but always finds himself in situations where it would probably be easier just to shoot first and think about questions later. Damon finds himself playing a hero instead of a thief, but does it stay that way?

This is a pretty fast paced romance that makes you smile and laugh through the whole journey. Several parts had me going back to reread just so I could laugh all over again especially when the Kanishqui spoke in rush of water sounds.

“One of the guards replied, a toilet swirling.
Damon made a face. “Wow, that was totally uncalled for.”
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This is a light read that in true Eve Langlias style leads to the sequel in the epilogue, I for one can not wait. This particular cast of characters is delightful, and I can not wait to see how each of their stories comes to life. If I have learned anything from Mrs. Langlias it is that with every new book in this series, just like her others, will continue to get better and enslave me into buying all of them.

This is a stand alone happily ever after romance.It is not a ménage romance in anyway.
Happy reading.

ReadingOverTV2 ,

First Mate’s Accidental Wife

First Mate’s Accidental Wife by Eve Langlais

Science fiction romance on the humorous side. First in a series although it is littered with references to characters in other series by the same author. It had me looking a few up a couple of times to confirm. You don’t need to have read any of the others to fully enjoy this adventure into space.

Filled with wry humorous remarks on earth customs, norms or commercial products.
“Then again, once upon a time, humans had five toes. The fifth one being utterly useless and only rarely appearing in babies nowadays.”

Lightheaded and romantic. A joy to read.

“The translator embedded into his auditory channels—which was a polite way of saying jammed into his ear and fused to the drum—communicated directly with his brain so that he heard the actual speech. What his translator couldn’t do was make it interesting.
He tuned in to find his captain and the ugly Kanishqui leader yapping about the usual boring stuff.
“Looking mighty fit,” Jameson remarked. “Have you been working out?”
Gargle, spit, swallow. “Lifting some weights. Eating my enemies.”
Funny how many species considered the ingestion of sentient races as a necessary thing for strength. Some still believed they absorbed the knowledge and power of the entity they ate. In the case of the K’ahmelons—a bipedal winged reptile race from the jungle planets in the Rinfrst Galaxy—they truly did.”
Excerpt From First Mate's Accidental Wife by Eve Langlais
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I don’t know if we will ever meet the K’ahmelons but it’s entertaining that the comment about the race is included. But don’t think by the excerpt that it’s dark. It just has a lot of data dump in the first 15 pages. Get past that and you’ll be flying through space anticipating the happily ever after.

Fair warning: the epilogue leads into the next book. So while it’s not a cliff hanger, it can lead you to an abrupt end, looking for the next story.

Picky mom ,

Great start to a new series!

Fun, fast paced and entertaining. I really enjoyed how the leads in this book came together. Somehow Eve manages to make highly entertaining romances that keep me turning the page to see what comes next. I liked that there were references to other books including Milhail and Rafe, cyborgs and other kidnapping aliens. I feel like I can always count on something humorous and engaging when I read books by Eve Langlais and this book delivers. Glad that there will be more to come in this series.

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