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First Times: Stories of Lust, Love, and Forbidden Fantasies is a collection of 5 erotic tales of young love, new love and exploring boundaries in sexuality and lifestyle. A beautiful young babysitter decides to take advantage of a drunk woman and her husband so she can have a baby of her own. A simple massage awakens Tina’s lesbian desires. A recent high school graduate is given a real education when her boyfriend’s Grandfather catches her skinny dipping in the family pool. Finally, a handsome young massage therapist gets his own happy ending when the beautiful young woman he is massaging turns out to be a transsexual. Explore your own hidden fantasies with this erotic anthology!

-The Babysitter Seduction-
Rick and his wife Linda come home from a party, but Linda has had a little too much to drink. The 19 year old girl next door, Ashley, has been babysitting for them. However, when she sees Linda passed out on the bed she decides it's time to have a little fun with the married couple and the kind of games she's playing are strictly for adults. Ashley wants a lot of things including a baby and she figures that Rick might be just the man to make her wish come true by making her pregnant!
This story is a work of fiction.

-Tina’s First Lesbian Massage: Tina Learns to Love Women Part 1-
Tina is a young blonde lawyer who knows she needs to relax. When her friend suggests she try a massage therapist to 'release some tension' Tina decides to take a chance. When she meets Amy, her new therapist, Tina is sure this is just what she needs. Only Amy has more on her mind than just relaxing Tina's muscles and the release that she plans to give the young blonde will take Tina into a whole new realm of sensuality... if she is brave enough to give in to her desires.
This is the first adventure of Tina as she discovers her sexuality and learns to enjoy the touch of another woman. She's never known lesbian love... If Tina is lucky that may change!

-Tina’s First Lesbian Lover: Tina Learns to Love Women Part 2-
Beautiful, blonde attorney Tina Dickerson went for her first massage and got a lot more than she bargained for at the hands of a lovely red haired therapist named Amy. Now Tina's education in the ways of lesbian love continue as Amy helps Tina discover new heights of ecstasy. But will Tina's strict religious upbringing prevent her from truly enjoying the love of another woman? Or will Tina surrender to the pleasure and embrace her desires with the lovely red haired woman who first stirred her Sapphic desire? Lesbian love may be new to Tina, but she’s a quick study!

-Dominated By Her Boyfriend’s Grandfather: Tami Joins The Family Part 1-
Tami just turned 18 and was ready to start college with her boyfriend Steve. But when Tami decides to go skinny dipping in Steve's family pool she gets a big surprise. Steve's grandfather comes over and catches her. He is a powerful man despite his age and Tami quickly feels stirrings insider herself as he takes charge. Steve's grandfather quickly breaks down all her resistance and Tami is saying and doing things she never thought possible. But will she let this dominating man take her virginity?

-Massage Surprise: His Domination By a Transsexual Part 1 –
When handsome young massage therapist Alex Miller takes on a new beautiful new client he thinks this may be his lucky day. She's beautiful, flirty and yet something about her is a little different. Whatever it is, Alex doesn't mind, in fact he likes the air of mystery that it gives her. As he begins to massage her and she becomes more comfortable with him things start to change. When the final piece of clothing comes off Alex learns the secret of his beautiful client: she's a transsexual!

Fiction & Literature
December 13
Bill Nichols
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