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Hades retired from the business. 

Now it's just me. 

Look at me now... Bitter... angry... depressed. I resent my former friend so much, even hate the guy, but I've never been the same since he refused to forgive me. 

I meet a woman. She's like all the others...beautiful, interesting, good at the fun stuff, but I don't feel anything. 

One woman will love you for you, not your money or your power, but you'll lose her. And once she's gone...she's gone. 

That gypsy wasn't right about me too, right?

I've got trouble on my doorstep when the new Skull King shows up. He wants a cut of my business. 

Like he's getting anything. This is all I have left. 

Once again I become swallowed by the underworld. 

Will I survive it?

March 31
Penelope Sky
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

kvanvalval ,

😍😍 i recommend this!

I only originally read the first books with hades because it was in order and I really wanted to read this one and it has by far surpassed my expectations!!! I love it so much!!!!

Lee856 ,

Waste of time and money

Terrible awful and expensive for a book that nothing happens

WheezyH ,


Where do I begin! Hades still loathes Damien. He still has not forgiven him nor is he civil to him. Still breaking his ex best friend’s heart more and more.
Annabella a client walks through his door and explains why she needs the transactions completed. Damien has to have her. She’s beautiful, sexy, there’s something about her that attracted Damien to her. When the two of them start dating it was casual and no strings attached; but one day they’re asking themselves where did these new feelings come from? They started spending all of their free time together. Damien finally met someone that feels right, special to him. Damien falls head over heels for Annabella and she falls harder for him. Do they stay together? Have to read “First” the 4th book in the Betrothed Series.
I was crying especially as I read this section when one of the Skull Kings threatened Damien taking his father. Damien was heartbroken but paid him and trying to save his father. The skull king was ready to kill his father since he wouldn’t pay up. Damien and his father were both saved because of the other skull king stopping his bother the second skull king and by his best friend Hades. He broke down when he saw his father and realized who saved him. There’s so much more to this story. I went through so many feelings and tissues at times. Thank You Penelope Sky for your amazing talent and another great story.

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