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It's cold in Alaska, but these Bear Shifters can keep their Fated Mates warm...

The FisherBears Ultimate Box Set is here! Contains the following novella stories:

HOOK, LINE AND SINKER - For Lila Ellis, this night couldn't get any worse. Here she is, all alone in a remote Alaskan fishing village. Almost all her stuff is gone, thanks to the airline losing her luggage. No cellphone, no credit cards. Just forty dollars that she was slowly drinking at this bar. She had her camera too, but the idea of using it to photograph whales was the furthest thing from her mind. She was on the run and on the brink of making some very bad decisions, threatening to tear down anyone who got close to her.

Henry watched as the new girl ran out of the bar. Something about her caught his eye. Mostly that she was a new girl: they didn't get many of those in Alaska. What brought her here? Why was she in such bad straits? And why did he feel some primal stirring for her? As he ran after her, he had to suppress his Bear Shifter instincts: he wasn't hunting prey. He was hunting for a mate.

BEAR ANCHOR -Secrets can be dangerous.

Irina Vasiliev loved being surrounded by books. Thick volumes brimming with knowledge. Thin magazines full of quips and that day's opinions. Lucky for her, she was a librarian, or as much as you could be in the remote fishing village of Sitka, Alaska. The sad fact was that the tough lifestyle here in the Arctic didn't leave much time for reading. But she took all the time she could. One look at the sexy Bear Shifter fisherman in front of her told her that maybe there were some things you couldn't get in books.

Finn didn't know what to make of the feisty little librarian. He thought he'd be in and out, just grab his book and be on his way. But he could sense something about her. Something different. She had the look of someone either hiding or running, but from what?

LEEWARD BEAR - Joanna Killfeather loved to hike. The trails that cut through these forested mountains held surprises at every turn. Her grandfather used to tell her stories of spirits that lived in these places. Somewhere between man and beast, these spirits were mischievous and could either help a lost traveller or be their doom. Those stories were the last thing on her mind when a big black bear lumbered through the underbrush and swung his head in her direction.

Sherman didn't feel like sharing the trail with anyone that day. Sure, he was startled by this woman, and more than a little embarrassed that she got the drop on him. His sense of smell was better than a bloodhound's, for crying out loud! So he gave a little grunt, sure to send the jogger on her way with a story to tell her friends. But she didn't run. How curious...

Over 45,000 words of steamy BBW Shifter novellas!

December 5
Gizmo Media
Gizmo Media

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