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The 70 plus black & white and color pictures included in this E-book edition of the original monograph were taken with a Nikon Fisheye lens and were made over a period of 42 years. The subjects included a young Ted Kennedy campaigning for a Senate Seat as well as Boston Pops Maestro Arthur Fielder at work and at home. Other images included colorful Trio Indians of the Amazon Basin and Libyan Taurags deep in the Sahara Desert. The photographer’s fascination with the images this particular lens produced was the natural extension of a series of pinhole camera experiments he’d done earlier. Both sets of images produced the distinctive round, spherical photographs as well as images with huge depth of field. Unlike pinhole photos, the fisheyes images are much sharper.

With a few exceptions, these Fisheyes images were shot after the photo coverage of the subject with more standard lenses was complete. Take a visual safari into the world where all the subjects are captured in an extremely wide-angle view that is much more like the human eye sees than the much narrower slices of over-all scene the camera usually captures. Enjoy seeing normal, everyday subjects as well as visual icons in a different way than you’ve ever seen them before. There are many additional images included in this E-book edition that have not previously been published elsewhere.

Come, enjoy this Fisheye lens look at the world in which we live and breathe. Our eyes behold round images before our brain filters out the small sections upon which our brain chooses to concentrate. We live on a sphere and the view of the heavens above us is also like a Fisheye view that goes from horizon to horizon. Enjoy peeking at the entire and unfiltered scene captured by the human eyeball. This is the first and only published collection of Fisheye photos taken by a serious photographer interested in testing the artistic merits of using the Fisheye.  

 In a letter to the author, master photographer Jerry Uelsman shared his thoughts about some of the images in this book: “I really enjoyed seeing your amazing ‘Fisheye’ images. They would make a very interesting publication…The transformation of some of the architectural spaces is really fascinating… You are a wonderful photographer… I also found many of the images to have real social comment… With friendly thoughts for a fellow visionary, Jerry N. Uelsmann.”

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