Fitness Fundamentals

8 Essential Patterns

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You don’t need another exercise manual. You need a guide. A friend. Someone who’s been where you are and wants to help you get where you’re going. That’d be me! I’m Jack Kirven, and I wrote “Fitness: Fundamentals: 8 Essential Patterns” to give you intimidation-free steps on how you can incorporate better eating, moving and thinking into your everyday life. Start with my eight patterns to help you set goals and design your own fitness journey — no frills, fads or false promises included. Then, explore how you can turn those concepts into actionable steps that help you reach milestones, day by day. You’re not alone on this fitness journey. Draw from my 20+ years of experience so you can look better, feel better, be better. Oh, and #TakeHotterSelfies, too!

Health, Mind & Body
August 23
JBK Creative Arts, Inc.
Jack Kirven

Customer Reviews

the_fit_life ,

A must read!

I highly recommend this book. Jack is very knowledgeable in all things health and fitness.

There_is_no_spoon ,

Fitness Fundamentals - One of a kind & amazing!

There are many books and programs that can help to improve our fitness and lifestyle, however most of the time I have found them to be somewhat unrealistic in their expectations of what most people can accomplish given the level of distraction and internal / external pressures we all face in our daily lives. We often start out with the best of intentions in terms of getting our commitment towards fitness in check but become discouraged after a short amount of time because the unpredictability of life catches us off guard or the proper foundational strategies have not been explained or set in place. Therefore we fall off track because results are not coming fast enough and we are burning ourselves out too early.

Taking these factors into consideration, I'd say what coach Jack Kirven has been able to accomplish with this book is really quite remarkable! He breaks down the science of fitness with an understanding of someone obviously well versed in the complexities of what it takes to create a healthy LIFESTYLE and not just how to lose weight or build muscle with broscience or fads that can be so trendy and tempting with their claims of fast (ie - unrealistic and unsustainable) fixes. Besides sharing plenty of experience and knowledge, he also makes it a point to help teach others how to create their own fitness and nutrition gameplan so that any reader will be able to propel themselves forward far beyond when they finish "Fitness Fundamentals". I'm sure you've heard the saying - "Give a man a fish and you've fed him for a day, but teach a man TO fish and you feed him for a lifetime"....that is exactly what coach Jack does here - he gives us a plan to follow but also teaches us to create our own gameplan so we can adjust everything intelligently as we progress or have setbacks alike. Don't worry, nothing is overly complicated - that's the beauty of this book - he makes everything easy and sustainable to build into a lifestyle so that habits can be built up and willpower doesn't need to constantly be drained to stay on track.

Reading this book will help anyone to become a stronger and more successful person - not just in their fitness goals but in many other potential areas of life as well. As the title suggests, everything is broken down into 8 fundamental strategies - these range from fitness and nutrition to sleep and proper recovery and mindset techniques. Coach Jack is candid of the struggles he has faced on his own journey towards excellence which helps to make his guide so much more impactful and relatable because none of his words are "coming from on high" - they are through hard won knowledge, experience, and true wisdom - all blended with his own unique voice of humor and sass that makes reading this book feel like we are learning from a friend and not just a guru. It's obvious he has made it his passion in life to apply these techniques towards himself and many successful clients over the years. I have been using this book as my own "Rosetta Stone" of fitness and it has helped me a great deal towards achieving my own best life possible. Can't wait to see what he cooks up for his next volume!

Zonquielle ,

Passionate author

The author clearly lives and breathes fitness. His approach to wellness is comprehensive, and his dedication to the craft of crafting a healthy body shines through.