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The perfect eBook for women (and men) looking to become fitter, healthier, and lose fat.

This amazing guide is chock full of great advice and tips that you can action today. Become the person that you have always wanted to be.

Whether you want to do it for your partner, or yourself, this book will give you the push you need in the right direction.

Here is a preview of what is in this ebook:

Improving Your Mindset

- Attitude is Everything

- Getting Back Into the Exercise Groove

Diet and Nutrition

- How Many Calories Are Enough?

- Tips on Avoiding Yo-Yo Dieting

- Food for the Immune System

Exercises for Fitness and Fat Loss

- How to Stretch and Why

- Take a Walk!

- How to Lose Weight by Running

- How to Overcome Your Dread of Running

- Stronger Abs Lead to Easier Running

- Don’t Forget the Back for Great Abs

- At Home Exercises

- More Bang for Your Gym Buck

- Working Hard on the Elliptical

- Boxercise – Better Than the Rest?

- Using Dumbbells in Your Fitness Routine

Post Exercise Tips

- Why You Should Cool Down after Exercising

- Get Rid of Those Exercise Cramps

- Three Tips for Women to Lose Weight

- Weight Loss Tips for Men

- Surviving Exercise Challenges If You Are Overweight

- Two Tips for Better Endurance

- Tips on Getting Rid of Cellulite Fast

Motivation: No More Excuses

- Too Busy to Work Out?

- Work Together for Weight Loss

- Is Shorter Better?

Easy Everyday Lifestyle Changes

- The Exercise Ball Chair – The Ideal Office Chair?

- Laughter Is A Good Thing

- Tips on Waking Up

- What to Drink When You Are Staying Healthy

- No Work Workouts

Health, Mind & Body
August 28
Marnie Peterson
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