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What do you do when your best friend's guy cheats on her?

Help her get revenge, of course.

Getting caught by his brother isn't part of the plan. The brother's price for not turning us into the cops? I pretend to be his girlfriend to help him close a business deal.

I'd rather go to jail than play the part of Caleb Stanton's latest conquest, but my friend has been through enough.


What do you do when your boss won't sell you his store because he thinks you're a flight risk?

Produce a girlfriend, of course.

Blackmail wasn't normally my thing, but I've got less than twenty-four hours. I'd rather extort Sloan for a date or two than disappoint my boss.

We agree to a fake relationship in return for silence. We agree to act like we care about each other. We agree to five dates only.

But we don't agree to what happens next.

And we certainly didn't agree to falling in love.

July 23
R.L. Kenderson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mrsherk ,

From Blackmail to Love?

I'm a sucker for a book with great dialogue and banter, and Five Dates has that and so much more. I adore this book; the banter between Caleb and Sloan is stellar, and the predicaments they get themselves into are sometimes hilarious and sometimes just romantic and sexy. Both Sloan and Caleb are great characters. This is the third book I've read by this writing duo and they just keep getting better.
Sloan has had some real creeps for boyfriends, so she hasn't dated in ages and basically has sworn off men. However, she realizes she misses sex with a real person, rather than a battery operated boyfriend. She's a loyal friend to her pal, Melanie, whose boyfriend, Neil, is a cheating douchecanoe, as well as Caleb's brother. Pranking Melanie's soon-to-be ex's car should be easy, unless someone knows you did it and blackmails you to be his girlfriend so he can seal a business deal.
Caleb is the polar opposite of his brother, a fact it takes Sloan a while to realize. Despite trying to dupe his boss, he really is a good guy and an easily likable hero for the story. He too, hasn't dated in a long time. While their arrangement starts as a less than friendly business deal, things change. What follows is a fast-paced, fun read with a meddling employer and his wife, loyal friends, a big burly dog, blindsided families, sexy times, and unexpected romance. RL Kenderson does an awesome job of putting roadblocks in the couple's way and navigating them through them with humor, banter, and maybe a little hot sex. If you are looking for a great pool or beach read, grab Five Dates and enjoy. I'll be patiently waiting for the next book from this duo.

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